Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to Safely Hide a Spare Key

Many people would love to keep a spare key within easy reach, but they are afraid someone else will find it and gain unrestricted access to their home. Following these tips will make it easy to safely stash a key away for emergencies. Where to Hide a Spare Key The spare key under the doormat […]

Staying Safe During a Las Vegas Vacation

Before setting out on vacation, families should be prepared for emergencies. Emergencies are significantly worse when a family is in a new city and unfamiliar with their surroundings. Emergency Preparedness When Vacationing in Las Vegas Vacationing is Las Vegas is a fun family experience with all of the attractions it boasts. However, anything could happen […]

Some of the Most Advanced Door Locks on the Market

  Some of the Most Advanced Door Locks on the Market An overview of today’s most innovative door locks. Readers will be able to decide which type of locking system best suits their home. Step Into the Future: Overview of Today’s Advanced Door Locks For decades, residents from across the country have relied on keys […]