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10 Amazing Features Of The Schlage NDE Wireless Locks written by: Koby. G

In the security industry, locks are pretty much the first line of defense in any home or commercial building. It therefore goes without saying that investing in high quality locks and associated security systems is not something to compromise on. One of the best systems in the market is the Schlage NDE Wireless Lock and smart security system. These locks offer high quality and reliable security with their amazing lock and protection features. In addition to these, users also have a lot to look forward to in terms of ease of installation and operation. Without further ado, below are 10 of the most amazing features of the Schlage NDE wireless lock and what it is about these features that make the lock one of the best in the industry.

Features Of The Lock

  1. Uses ENGAGE Gateway software for control  


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The ENGAGE Gateway software is pretty much the backbone and brain of the Schlage NDE Wireless Lock and security system. This technology is responsible for maintenance of connections between the lock and different control systems including the user’s app and wider security networks. The technology also comes in very handy in ensuring that installation, configuration and overall operation of the lock is easy and manageable.

  1. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

The lock is operated using wireless connections that allow control of the lock from remote locations. The Bluetooth connectivity comes in handy with close proximity connections to different units including alarm systems and motion detectors. Bluetooth connectivity also comes in handy for remote door opening and closing using the control app while within the Bluetooth range.

The in-built Wi-Fi system on the other hand comes in handy with more long distance connections. It is utilized by the locks to allow monitoring of lock activity from greater distances away from the house. It also comes in handy for relaying of messages and notifications to the user.

  1. Weather resistant frame

The Schlage NDE Wireless Lock is made from water resistant and dust proof material which pretty much makes it resistant to damage as a result of exposure to the elements. This unique feature allows safe installation of the lock outdoors without having to worry about the lock malfunctioning or succumbing to wear and tear from contact with things like water or direct sun rays.

  1. Door position sensor

The sensor is located on the deadbolt strike plate section. This is designed to facilitate automatic locking of the door after it has been successfully open. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to spend time locking a door that you just spent time opening.

  1. Compatible with most key and lock systems

This is made possible by the standard ND prep feature present on the Schlage NDE wireless lock. This allows fast and easy installation of the lock onto existing deadbolt systems. The combination of the deadbolt’s physical power and the wireless lock’s extra security and convenience makes work a lot easier for the users.

  1. Dimensions and door size specifications

The lock measures 4.95 inches in height by 3.66 inches in width by 3.31 inches in depth. It can be used on doors with thicknesses ranging from 1.6 inches to a maximum of 2 inches.

  1. Power connections and usage

The wireless lock used 4 AA batteries with a 2 year guaranteed battery life. These batteries power the entire system and allow operation even in the event of power blackout. The use of batteries to operate the lock also comes as an advantage during installation as you do not have to worry much about getting the lock connected to the building’s power grid.

  1. Free exit lever

This feature allows keyless access through a locked door from the inner side of the room or the building. This makes using it a whole lot more convenient as you do not have to fumble with keys on both the way in and out.

  1. Large key fob user capacity

The lock can accommodate up to 5000 users with key fobs offering a lot of wiggle room to change whether it is for a small or a big business.

  1. Chrome finish

In addition to all these amazing security and operation features, there is a lot to look forward to with the locks in terms of aesthetics. The shiny chrome finish gives the lock an edgy modern look that comes in handy for users who want to enjoy the security and the convenience without having to compromise on décor and aesthetics.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that Schlage NDE Wireless Locks are among the best in the market. The 10 amazing features above make it the perfect combination of security and convenience with an undeniable modern edge. The locks are also generally very easy to work with whether you are a seasoned veteran in the art of locksmith service provision or you are a newbie still trying to figure your way around different locks and systems. Bottom line, the Schlage NDE Wireless lock is a great security option and is a lock system that is definitely worth investing in.


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