What to Expect From Residential Locksmiths

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What to Expect From Residential Locksmiths

Residential services are the most common locksmith services on offer and with there being so much to protect in our homes, it is not so hard to see why. Different businesses offer different residential locksmith services based on different factors including level of experience and skills. However, there are a few services that cut across the board being among the most commonly offered residential locksmith services. They include:

  1. Lock installation and repair on main doors

This is the most basic form of home security but it is without a doubt highly effective when done correctly. Residential locksmith service providers ensure that locks are properly installed for aesthetics, easy and convenience during use and most importantly for security. They are also involved in repair and maintenance practices including lubrication of lock cylinders, re-keying and replacement of damaged units.

  1. Re-keying and key copying

If you would like a copy of your house key for a friend, family member or even a house keeper, then you would require the services of a great and reliable locksmith. They will help make as many copies as you wish fry you to distribute to different members of your family. In case something happens and you wish to have the keys changed without replacing the lock, you can choose to simply have your lock rekeyed. This service is limited to specific lock brands and models and comes in very handy when you want to restrict access without having to go through the trouble of changing the locks.

  1. Smart lock installation

Smart locks are all the rage these days and it is not without reason. These handy systems offer the best of aesthetics, functionality and operability. Residential locksmiths offer installation and maintenance services ensuring that these locks are set up properly and function optimally for a very long time.

  1. Configuration of smart lock with smart home systems

In addition to installation of smart lock systems, some residential locksmiths offer configuration services where the lock is synchronized to the smart home system allowing monitoring and control of things like temperature and motion sensitive alarm systems.

  1. Emergency lock repair and key replacement 

Residential locksmith services also include emergency repairs and replacement. These services come in handy in situations where there is damage to a lock or key or misplacement of the latter and you as the client would like to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Special lock installation on windows, cabinets and drawers

These services allow you to get extra security by offering a second line of defense. This way, even in the unlikely event that burglars get through the locks on the main doors, your valuables will still be protected.

  1. Inspection and reinforcement of locks and barriers

Finally, residential locksmiths offer testing services where they inspect and reinforce locks and barriers including doors and windows. Having this done as a part of routine maintenance is a great way to ensure that your locks are in great working conditions and are more than capable of keeping the bad guys out.


The services described above are just a few among the many different ones offered by different locksmith businesses.


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