Can A Locksmith Open A Padlock?

You have been locked out or have lost your key. In addition, you do not have access to your spare key and are in a seemingly desperate situation. So, your next step is to find a locksmith that can open your lock. One common misconception is that a locksmith can only open a select number of locks but the reality is that a locksmith can open a variety of different locks and can also help you increase the security in your home by offering advice and even installing other locks. Here is how a locksmith can help you open a padlock. 

Types of Locks a Locksmith Can Open

While there are many different types of locks that a locksmith can open, some are more common than others. The most popular locks we see are: 

  1. Exterior door lock: your exterior or front door should be equipped with a deadbolt lock such as those with latches and deadlocking mechanisms. Thieves will find it nearly impossible to open these kinds of locks. 
  2. Window locks: another area that thieves try to access is through the windows which is why you should lock your windows. You should use latch locks. 
  3. Interior doors: indoor locks do not have the best anti-theft technology which is why it is advised to consult with a locksmith about your options. 
  4. Furniture locks: these locks include pedestal locks, drawer locks, fixed core locks, cupboard locks, and removable locks. 
  5. Padlocks: a padlock is used for a variety of things like locking bicycles, cabinets, tools, suitcases, and large doors. Many padlocks are re-keyable or non-keyable. 

Although thieves will have an impossible time breaking these locks, if you lose your key so will you. A locksmith, on the other hand, has the experience and the knowledge to open these locks without a problem. 

Ways to Open a Padlock

There are several different ways to open a padlock. Of course, there are different kinds of padlocks and each may come with its own way to gain access to whatever it is they are protecting. 

  • Crack the code: a basic padlock can be easily cracked, which saves you some time and money depending on your level of patience and urgency. 
  • Master reset: a padlock can be master reset if you are unable to crack the code. You might need to contact the manufacturer for a master reset which requires your identification and some time. 
  • Cut the lock: if you have no issue with losing the lock entirely, you can simply cut the lock off and open the storage space where the lock is located. 
  • Locksmith: your final option is to call a locksmith that can open the padlock for you without causing damage. 

Locks That a Locksmith Cannot Open

Although a locksmith can open several types of locks, there are some that a locksmith is not authorized to open. For example, some locks are designed with special mechanisms to ensure that a locksmith or anyone else does not access them. In these cases, you will need to contact the company that made the lock. Some examples of locks we cannot open include:

  • Vault
  • Safe
  • Smart locks
  • Vintage locks
  • Fingerprint or visual recognition locks

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