Cheap Locksmith – 7 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea

Cheap Locksmith 7 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea

We all wants cheap and good services but most of us get bite by this false advertising. This is common practice in the locksmith industry with many clients settling for and later regretting working with cheap locksmith. Below are 7 reasons why working with a cheap locksmith is a bad idea for you.

1. Cheap services usually translate into low quality results

You can only get what you give and if you give little then you should expect nothing but the same. With a locksmith service, the final charge related to the quality of the work. This is because great results require the use of high tech equipment as well as specialized training to achieve. So if the final price is surprisingly low, don’t be surprised that the results are less than satisfactory.

2. You might fall victim to the old bait and switch

Another risk with cheap locksmiths is that of the bait and switch scam. This is where the locksmith draws you in with the promise of cheap services only to turn the tables and hike the prices at the last minute. Some even stop the project midway, leaving you no choice but to pay what they want only so you can get back in.

3. They may do more damage than good

Poor quality results are not all that you have to worry about if you choose to work with a cheap locksmith. You might have to deal with the problem of increased damage especially if you are working with an amateur who has no idea what they are doing. In the future you’ll find yourself spending more money fixing the extra damage.

4. They are usually not professionally trained and certified

This is not the case with all cheap locksmiths. But, more often majority of these craftsmen are not professionall. This translates to them running uncertified businesses which leave legally unprotected should you go into business with them.

5. Cheap services might be a front for more elaborate scams

Other than the old bait and switch scam, some dubious locksmith businesses use the allure of cheap services as a way to draw in their next victims. A great example of such scams is the one where they as for you to pay in advance for them to facilitate the project.

You will probably be thinking to yourself, “Why not? I’m probably not going to get a better deal than this.”

What happens next is that they disappear with your money and you end up losing a lot more than you had hoped to initially save.

6. Cheap locksmiths are usually not insured

Insurance is not cheap and if your locksmith is charging way less than others in the same area for the same services, they are probably not insured. This leaves you vulnerable to liability in case something goes wrong during the project. It is therefore wiser to invest in a more costly professional who can prove that they are insured to put your mind at ease.

7. Cheap locksmiths can be unreliable

Finally, if you choose to work with suspiciously cheap locksmiths then you should be ready to deal with a lot of unreliability. This can be anything from missed deadlines to breaches of contract which will cost you time, energy and at times even more money. You are therefore better off working with professionals whose prices fall within the normal range in your area to ensure that you get what you want done in a high quality and timely manner.


After all is said and done, working with unusually cheap locksmiths could be more trouble than it’s worth. However, this should not stop you from hunting for great deals and bargains. The important thing to ensure is that you work with a legit and experienced business. Silver Eagles Locksmith is a great example of such a business where you can get great services at pretty decent prices without any strings attached. Therefore, don’t shy away from dishing out the extra bucks if it means that you get to evade the nightmare of working with low quality cheap locksmiths.

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