Deadbolt Locks- The Top 4 Brands

Deadbolt Locks – The Top 4 Brands

Deadbolt locks are without a doubt the best locks in the security industry. The fact that you need the specific key for the specific lock to open it significantly reduces risk of forced entry via lock picking. With it being such a popular lock design in the country, it is no surprise that there are all sorts of brands and models in the market today. However, the five lock making brands described below have the best deadbolt locks in the market. Below is a little information about the companies and what it is that makes their deadbolts so much better than the others in the market.

The Top 4 High Security Deadbolt Lock Brands

1. Mul-T-Lock

The Mul-T-Lock deadbolt lock is one of the strongest in the market. It can resist high impact forces of up to 4000 pounds. Their locks also have a unique lock-out feature activated from the inside. This allows you to prevent entry even when the person has the correct key. All you have to do is to press the lock-out button to activate this security measure and to deactivate it when you feel you don’t need it. Finally, with these deadbolts, you do not have to worry about lock-picking. This is because of the intricate 6-pin cylinder system that makes it impossible to use bump keys and lock picking pins.

2. Medeco

Medeco deadbolt locks are a product of Assa Abloy which is one of the oldest and best companies in the security industry. Their deadbolts are the perfect combination of strength, security and aesthetics. For protection against lock picking, these locks are fitted with hard steel inserts that hinder movement of lock picking tools within the cylinder. Most deadbolt designs from Medeco come with thumbturns to make the lock easier to use. Finally, their keys are specially certified to protect against unauthorized duplication. This further improves the security provided.

3. Schlage

One of the most interesting deadbolt lock designs from this company is the Keyless touchscreen lock line. This provides access either through pass codes or biometric information. Their traditional deadbolts are also something to look forward to with the high impact resilience and the thumbturn for convenience and ease of use.

4. Abloy Protec2

This deadbolt lock design is also a product of Assa Abloy. These locks are ANSI Grade 1 which is the highest grade of deadbolt locks there is in the market. The hardened bolt system can resist high impact forces of up to 2 tons. Some of the designs include an expanding bolt that is designed to prevent picking. This consists of a ball bearing system that reinforces the integrity of the locking system.

Bottom line

There is no denying the fact that the high security deadbolt locks from these companies are products that you can count on. In spite of the few differences here and there in terms of design and applicability, they all share the trusted deadbolt lock mechanism. Therefore, if you are looking for a new lock for your home or you want to replace a damaged one always consider to get your a free consultation with Locksmith Las Vegas Silver Eagle Locksmith and the five brands above would be a great place to start searching for your next security companion.

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