How Exit Panic Bars Help Control Crowds During Emergency Situations

A panic bar is a special locking device that a commercial locksmith can install onto your building’s exit doors in order to facilitate the orderly exiting of guests and staff if your business were to face an emergency situation such as a gas leak, fight or security hazard.

Reasons to Install Panic Bars on Your Building’s Exit Doors

Many businesses have doors that are designed to be only used for emergency exits. These doors are made so that they cannot open from the outside. The opening of the door can be hardwired into the building’s security system so that when an alarm is pushed, the doors automatically unlock. You can also have commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas install panic bars for the facilitation of an orderly exit from your office building during any type of an emergency.

Easy Exiting

Push bars, also referred to as panic bars, are installed by a commercial locksmith in buildings where there could be large numbers of people, such as schools, shopping centers and large office buildings. In the event of an emergency, people might panic in their hasty attempts to leave the building. By having a panic bar installed onto the exit doors, people will just need to push the door open in order to exit. There will be no need to deal with any fancy latches or locks in order to get out of the building.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

In a safety or security situation, people may panic and become frightened. The sense of fear could lead to people getting hurt as they try to leave your building. A panic bar on the exit doors of your building can reduce the risk of injury to people who are trying to leave. The door is easy to open and can be opened even if a person has an injury to his or her hands. OSHA requires that these bars be installed onto doors in certain workplaces.

Enhanced Security

Push bars work together with your alarm system. If the bar is pushed, the alarm is activated. This can facilitate the prompt arrival of police and the local fire department.

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