Rekey Or Change Your Lock?

Rekey Locks

You just bought a property and there are dozens of things you need to do. You have to set things up with the insurance company, clean the rooms, get your furniture and boxes moved in, and so forth. One very important thing that comes up in these situations is what to do about the security. Some people are telling you to rekey the locks, while others are telling you to just completely change them. Which should you do based on your situation? That’s tough to say, but there are some things you need to know before you make your decision.

How Do You Rekey Locks?

Rekeying locks is a great option and can be done by a professional locksmith or a hardware store. There are also DIY options and kits available. However, those can be tricky as they are only available for specific brands and types. And, the task is still difficult for people with little experience. Online videos and blogs may make it seem easier, but it requires some experience and the right tools. The trick is to reconfigure the mechanism so that the existing keys no longer work. This option is completely safe and reliable. Moreover, it will not damage or lessen the strength of the device in any way.

Benefits Of Rekeying

Again, when you rekey locks, you are simply changing the device internally to ensure that none of the old keys work. This can be done within a day and at an affordable rate. It’s also a great option if you have newer locks on your property. There’s no reason to change out good-quality locks, especially if they’re fairly new.

The rekeying option is especially popular for those who have bought a new house or business owners who want to make sure that anyone with an old key cannot gain access to their property. Having to replace anywhere from a couple to a dozen locks can get quite costly. But, rekeying them would be much more affordable and leave you just as secure.

Benefits Of Changing Locks  

While rekeying is a cost-effective option, the fact is that there are circumstances where changing the lock might be a better choice. For example, if your property has older locks on it, rekeying will only make it so that you need new keys to get in. It will not improve the quality of the lock itself. That may not be the safest option as newer devices have higher levels of security and theft-resistant features.

Another reason to consider upgrading your home security with new locks is for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies will offer discounts to policy owners who upgrade the security of their property. The same goes with upgrading the windows, getting a new roof, or doing anything else you can to make your home or business safer. If this is something that motivates you, try contacting your insurance company first to see what options they would recommend. This ensures that if a discount is possible, you follow their criteria in order to get it.

If you have questions about which option is best for you, whether you want to change or rekey locks for your property, we invite you to reach out to us at Silver Eagle Locksmith. Our team has over a decade of experience and will be happy to assist you in determining what is the right fit for you. We can perform either service and are glad to give you our expert opinion so that you are confident in your decision. Feel free to contact us via online chat or call or text our team at 702-539-9581 today. 

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