Smart Home Security: Why You Need a Video Doorbell and Smart Lock

Smart Devices

Technology has become a prominent part of our lives. With the smart faucet that saves up to 15,000 gallons of water per year, the indoor and outdoor cameras used in security monitoring, toasters with built-in LED lights that turn on with a voice command, and thousands of other smart devices, technology is everywhere and it’s changing how we live every day!

The home door lock, like many other devices, is also experiencing a change in technology with smart home security. Beyond outdoor security cameras, there are several different video doorbells and smart locks on the market today that are not only simple to install, but also provide unrivaled security and protection.

Video doorbells and smart locks are a great way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away and cover for security vulnerabilities around your home. They give homeowners the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can remotely lock their doors and their entries are always being monitored. They provide unparalleled security for those who live there!

To help you see why you should invest in a video doorbell, smart lock, or both, here are some of the features and benefits for these smart security system devices.

What Are Smart Devices?

Smart devices are electronic gadgets that can connect, share, and interact with their users and other smart devices. These small electronics and large appliances typically come equipped with the computing power of a few gigabytes, but may have more depending on what features they include!

As far as in-home automation goes, there are several uses for these smart devices. Not only can you automate your thermostats and lights, but appliances and door locks are also integrated into these systems so that they all work seamlessly together to make living in your smart home easier than ever.

A smart home’s various electronic gadgets are linked with each other via Wi-Fi connectivity—allowing homeowners access through a central point. This could be on any of the smart home hubs through their control panel, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even computer gaming console if preferred. The system is installed on a mobile or other network device, and the user can gain remote access and create operational schedules for each device.

How Smart Devices Are Becoming More Essential in Today’s World

Many homeowners find that smart devices in their homes help them save money on utility bills. These networked smart home devices can learn the schedule of each user and make adjustments as needed, so you can enjoy lower electricity use without sacrificing convenience or comfort!

Also, with the aid of motion sensors, when you’re not around, your smart device will send an alert if someone approaches your door or moves within the house. Some types of these devices can also call for help from the authorities when they sense imminent danger before it’s too late!

With the internet of things, we can connect our homes with smart devices that can help protect you and your family. These networks often form a seamless system for monitoring security cameras and smart doorbells to make sure nothing goes wrong!

Benefits of Having Smart Devices in Your Home

Las Vegas homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a smart home without having any major work done. They can install devices such as a smart thermostat, smart doorbell camera, smart garage door opener, smart locks, smart refrigerators, and so on. They can remotely turn up thermostats when you are away, start washing machines when you’re at work, or notify you about people ringing your doorbell when you’re out by the pool. These features come with endless possibilities and provide Las Vegas residents with an easier and safer life. Here’s how these smart home devices protect you and your home:

They Operate a Home Security System

When you’re at home, it should feel like a haven. A smart security system will not only keep watch over your property, but also send an alert if anything goes wrong so that it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently before any harm is done!

Homeowners can now feel safe in their own homes and away from home with the help of smart home technology and real-time surveillance. They will receive alerts on anything suspicious that’s happening, including those occurring at night when there might be intruders about!

They Run Video Content Analysis

The ability to recognize and distinguish between humans, animals, or vehicles is one of the many features that make up smart home automation. This advanced technology can be added as another layer in security with motion detection intelligent enough not only to differentiate forms, but also to understand what it’s seeing so you don’t get a false notification.

Similarly, when there is a genuine hazard, programmed tripwires and activity zones will produce alert triggers to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Lights, for example, may be switched on indoors or outdoors.

You Can Answer the Door from Anywhere

When a person rings your doorbell, you’ll be informed immediately with these smart home security systems and be able to see who is visiting your home. Some smart models even let users communicate directly through their video feed! This makes thieves think twice before targeting such homes because they’re on camera at all times – making security much better than ever before.

They Are Energy Efficient

Home automation offers a lot of energy savings since you can control your home’s systems while you’re not there.

You can save money on your energy costs by managing things like heating, cooling, and lighting. For example, you can program your thermostat to a certain temperature during certain times of the day.

Also, the convenience of being able to turn your heat on from anywhere is one that many homeowners appreciate. You have the option of automating it, which means you can set when and if a heating or cooling system should be turned on automatically or independently at certain times – like during hot weather! This will make you more comfortable and save energy at the same time.

The Eufy Smart Doorbell and Lock – Why They Are Needed

Innovations in video doorbells and smart locks are coming fast and furious. There’s barely a day that goes by without some new product popping up with its unique way of keeping an eye on your front porch, whether it be via thermal imaging, motion detection, or night vision.

Sometimes, the doorbells don’t work as expected. For example, you might have a wide view that lets people come into focus, but not much context outside of it. In other cases, your lens will only show partway up the front porch without showing what’s going on at ground level where a package may be waiting. This is why the Eufy Smart Doorbell and Smart Lock are the solutions you need!

Key Features of the Eufy Smart Doorbell and Lock

You’ve got pretty solid smart home devices with the Eufy Video Doorbell and Smart Lock Touch. The Doorbell features two cameras and is able to record video directly to its Homebase station, which provides 16GB of local storage so you can save any moment without worrying about pesky cloud data caps or hackers!

With premium secondary functions like 2K resolution (which means smoother footage), 4:3 aspect ratio, smart alerts for when visitors arrive or leave via facial recognition technology, plus voice commands compatibility – you will not be disappointed.

For the Eufy Smart Lock Touch, your fingerprint is the key. The Smart Lock recognizes your fingerprint and unlocks your door in 1 second it’s faster than fumbling for your keys. You can also control it from absolutely anywhere via the Eufy Security app and you can program it to lock every time the door closes.

The Eufy line of smart security devices will keep your home connected and safe.

Safeguarding Your Smart Home Against Intruders

The Eufy Doorbell and Smart Lock is the ultimate in-home security system. The 3-in-1 integration of a 2K camera, advanced video doorbell detection technology, and voice capabilities allows you to watch guests arrive on your smartphone from wherever you may be! It also includes a smart lock fingerprint scanner.

In addition, the doorbell device stores any recordings and gives users complete peace of mind knowing that all that data will never be sold or rented out! Hence, your sensitive information is always safe. Another advantage is that you won’t have to pay any monthly expenses, like with most other smart doorbells.

The convenience of the smart lock is that you don’t need to worry about accidentally leaving the front or back gate unlocked. The built-in geomagnetism sensor and gyroscope will activate when it senses someone closing their doors, so all your worries are taken care of without you lifting a finger!

The smart lock can recognize your fingerprint in less than a third of a second, and it has an IP65 waterproof rating so you don’t need to worry about getting rain on its sensor!

The Eufy Smart Lock has a few methods it uses to lock and unlock doors. You may use the electronic keypad, the app, or keys to unlock it. The Wi-Fi Bridge remote control (sold separately) works with this as well.

How the Lock Works

The Eufy Smart Lock model is similar to other Eufy devices, and it works with the same Eufy Security app for Android and iOS. On the Devices screen, you’ll see the lock listed in its panel. Tapping on the lock’s panel takes you to a screen where there is a large circle that shows a lock icon and the status of the lock, whether locked or unlocked. Simply drag the icon down to lock or unlock the door.

When the lock Events button is pressed, information about who opened or closed your locks and when can be seen. You’ll find out if it was via manual action or app-based engagement. You may also get this information through the Events option on the Devices screen. You can add users, manage fingerprint registrations, establish access schedules, and assign passcodes in the Manage Access section of the app.

The gear symbol in the upper right corner of the lock screen takes you to the Settings menu where you may turn on functions such as Auto-Lock which ensures that the door is automatically locked when shut.

The Eufy Smart Lock has one-touch locking, which allows you to lock the door with a single long press of the Lock button on the keypad for added security. The smart lock includes Wrong-Try Protection and Scramble Passcode, which allows you to enter random numbers before and after your passcode.

The ring alarm function is also available from the keypad or the app. You can enable or disable the alarm remotely. For the display, you may select whether to have a blank screen or to show the lock screen by selecting the Always Show Lock Screen option.

Why You Should Get Professional Installation

Home automation is all about finding the technology and devices that will integrate easily within your smart home. A seasoned professional knows which critical pieces you need for your smart home security system, including the appropriate smart door locks.

Hiring a professional to install your smart home devices means that you can relax in the knowledge that all equipment is up-to-date with today’s latest technology and features. You’ll be advised as to which products are currently available and popular, so there won’t even need any research done by yourself before or after installation! Your system will function at peak efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technology. The technicians will make sure that the connected home devices you choose are compatible with each other and work towards the same goal.

Finally, when you hire a professional for your smart home, it will give you peace of mind knowing that the job has been done right and that you have access to professional maintenance with this home security system. You won’t have to worry about things falling apart later down the line because they checked everything and made sure all products were operating with each other before leaving!

Silver Eagle Locksmith Can Help

The professionals at Silver Eagle Locksmith will ensure that your door locks are the right choice for you. We can assess the security risks and help you choose the correct locks for your home or business, whether that be the Eufy Smart Lock, a master key lock system, anti-bump locks, deadbolt locks, or something else.

When a client decides to install a smart lock or smart doorbell, we work closely alongside them during the process so they have a perfect understanding of how the system works. Silver Eagle Locksmith offers professional and reliable smart home security installation.

You can be certain that the expert sent to you has been specially trained to answer any questions and can complete the installation or maintenance with the utmost diligence. Book an appointment online for a same-day service that will have your home’s security systems up and running like never before!

You can learn more about our smart lock recommendations by watching this video. You’ll discover more about what makes the Eufy devices special, and why a smart lock is crucial for your home.

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