An introduction to the Ring Stick up Cam and Ring Solar Panel Combo

When it comes to home security cameras, you want something that ticks all the marks. Something that just records intrusions would do nothing to help deter a crime while it is happening and doesn’t really give you much power to do anything unless you’re watching the screen at all times. In this fast, wireless world, we are need of a wireless security camera that provides a complete solution.

The Ring Stick up Cam is a marvel in the world of wireless video cameras. This aesthetically pleasing device can be mounted anywhere in a building and provides wireless monitoring capabilities that give you a complete sense of security. With the addition of a Ring Solar Panel, a small attachment that can keep the camera charged indefinitely, you can monitor your property round the clock without any interruptions.

Once installed, the wireless security cameras will use your internet to connect to the cloud. You can choose to see the feed anytime, from anywhere, using your mobile phone through live view. You can also sign in to the cloud, where all recording are automatically stored, and look at recent videos. As the Wi-Fi video cameras are also fitted with a motion sensor, it will only start recording once it detects motion, saving battery and unnecessary data consumption. That said, if you have a Ring solar panel connected, the camera will literally never run out of battery, even with heavy use.  If you have enabled the notification option, you would also get an alert on your phone every time motion is detected; enabling you to act within time.

Mounting the stick up cam and solar panel is extremely easy so you wouldn’t need a professional installation team. For concrete walls, a drill bit is provided that can be used to easily attach an adjustable wall mount to place the surveillance camera or solar panel. On wooden surfaces, you don’t even need the drill bit and can screw the mount in directly.

Wi-Fi video camera is not only handy for when you’re home but also when you’re away on a trip or for use at a holiday home. As long as you have a Ring stick up cam on site, you can check in at any time you want. With 24/7 access to the live feed, you can check in on your family or just see if the weather is good for a trip. If the security camera is located at a place with bad lighting conditions, the night-vision will kick in and you’ll still get crisp, 720p video feeds and recordings.

If you’re looking for a wireless video camera that provides round-the-clock protection and features that give you peace of mind, the Ring Stick up Cam and Ring Solar Panel combo is the right product for you. It is the only truly wireless home security camera system.

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