Strike Plate – Door Jamb Reinforcing and Repair

strike plate is a known metal plate that is fixed to a door jamb using a hole or different holes for the bolt of a given door. When you close the door, the bolt ends up extending itself to the hole that is in the strike plate and then works to hold the door and keep it closed.

If you are looking to repair a strike plate, here are some steps you can follow:


Try to unscrew and then remove the door frame made out of old metal frame from the main doorway opening. Then, carefully take out the broken or split pieces found in the wood that is there below the side jamb. Take out the small splinters.

Use A Glue To Repair

Moreover, you should also try to apply the carpenter’s glue to the broken wood pieces and then glue them back if you want to repair the door jamb. The idea and notion are to glue them back in the jamb.

What you need to do then is to assess the scrap wood block and use a hammer to fully tap the glued pieces in order to tighten them to the door jamb. You should also repeat this process if you want to repair the door jamb or the side of the door jamb. Make sure that you allow the glue to settle down and dry.

Sand Smooth

You cannot let the strike plate just on its own if you want to repair it. The next step, then, is to sand smooth the fixed or repaired areas by using 80 grit sandpaper. The door jamb cannot function or flourish without this step so make sure you are doing this in order to keep the door jamb in its right shape and size. You should also then tape down the canvas drop cloth right across the given threshold. The idea is that sand smoothing will ensure a steady door jamb so it is a vital and integral step that you must do if you want to repair your strike plate.

Then, try to use two putty knives if you want to mix a large dollop of the auto body filler thoroughly and easily. You cannot just leave the strike plate after sand smoothing it. Therefore, repairing the security strike plate also involves thoroughly spreading the auto body filler in the repaired areas by using a decent 3-inch putty knife.

Let It Harden

Last but not the least, after you have followed the steps given above, it will be time to let the strike plate harden. You should leave it as it is in order to make sure it hardens and sand it smooth.

A strike plate lock cannot be repaired if you just leave it for someone else to do it. It is vital you take some important things in mind when it comes to door repair or strike plate repair. Certain important measures of repair have been listed above.

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