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Rekeying Vs. Replacing: What to Choose?

Safety is a non-negotiable investment in any home. Since you have all your valuables in your home, there is no way that you can turn a blind eye to your home security. This is why investing in secure home locks is essential.


Despite having invested in a strong security system, your home is only as safe as how well you can maintain your keys. For instance, if your keys get lost or stolen, there is no telling whose hands they will land on.


There is a chance that a burglar might gain access to the keys which automatically gives them access to your home. In such situations, you will be faced with the dilemma of either rekeying or replacing your home lock system by contacting a locksmith Henderson near me.

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Here is a guide on deciding which of the two will be best for your situation:

What Rekeying Means

Every lock corresponds with a specific key. More specifically, the key pins within a lock have to correspond with a key for the key to open the lock. Once you lose your keys, however, these pins can be rearranged so that you will need a new key to open the lock of your home.


Typically, any locksmith Henderson near me will need to remove the lock cylinder from the door before proceeding to rearrange the pins. They will then need to use a depth chart, key decoder, and a pinning size chart to do this. The decoder simply limits the amount of guesswork that they have to put into the process when choosing the right key to use.


It is best to let a qualified locksmith Henderson near me do the work. However, if you think that you know your way around the lock cylinder, this can still be done at home, but you should only continue with the project as long as you will not be compromising the security of your home.


Benefits of Rekeying Your Home Lock System

Rekeying is a cheaper method of improving security when compared to having to upgrade the entire lock system. You will be ensuring that anyone that might have the keys to your home will not have access to it under the new changes. This is most effective in situations where you move into a new home.

Additionally, it is also quite easy and quick to complete the process. As a result, your home security will suffer little to no compromise as a locksmith can rekey most of the locks within the same day.


The Cons of Rekeying

Rekeying doesn’t promote customization of your home’s lock system. When working with a locksmith Henderson near me, you will have to rely on the integrity of your former home lock system. Sadly, this can result in some compromise, especially in a situation where the pre-existing lock system is weak. For instance, a lock system without a batter resistance framework can easily be broken into by burglars.


What It Means To Replace the Locks

Replacing the locks is much more expensive than rekeying as you will typically need to buy a new lock system. You can either buy these at a local hardware store or from a locksmith Henderson near me. There are also a variety of factors to put into consideration.

First, you will need to set a budget. Second, you will also need to assess the different types of locks in the market and determine the one that best suits your home. However, this option still comes with a few perks.


Benefits of Replacing Your Locks

Replacing your locks provides you with a blanks security canvas on which you can paint what you would love as a security solution. You can customize the feel of your doorknob as well as the security of your locks. On the flip side, you can upgrade to a stronger security solution.


For instance, you can choose to work with a locksmith Henderson near me in installing a smart lock. The locksmith can further customize these locks to the access control rules you might have for all who have access to the various rooms in your home.


Cons of Replacing

Replacing an entire lock system can be quite expensive. Other than having to pay for labor, you will also have to buy new lock systems. Also, you will need to cater for any further upgrades that you might need during the period. However, this high price is in no way comparable to the loss that can spawn from a weak security system.


Factors to Consider When Making the Decision

The debate of rekeying or replacing has almost always ended in a dilemma for most families. While there is no standard script for making this decision, looking at a few factors can make the decision easier. Here are some factors to consider:


1. Have You Lost Your Keys?

If you lose your keys, then the security of your home becomes compromised. Although losing the keys compromises the security, this doesn’t mean that your lock system is sub-par. In case you are on a tight budget, a simple working with a locksmith Henderson near me in rekeying the locks will suffice.


2. Are You Satisfied With Your Current Lock System?

Security should be the number one concern when deciding between replacing and rekeying. In case you feel that the current lock system is good enough, rekeying will suffice. However, there are situations where the current system might be weak or easily tampered with. You should consider replacing such locks soon regardless of losing your home's keys or not.


3. What Are You Willing To Spend?

In some situations, the cost of an upgrade matters. If you are more than willing to invest a lot in the security of your home, then replacement might be the right path for you. You can even choose to use smart locks among other strong security options. However, if funds are tight, getting a locksmith Henderson near me to rekey the lock is wise.


4. Are You Moving To A New Home?

Moving into a new home means that other people might have access to the keys of your home. These people can be the previous homeowners or even their friends. In such situations, rekeying the lock is wise. However, in case you would like to upgrade the locks, replacing them is the better option.


Both rekeying and replacing your locks are great methods to fortify the security of your home. The decision trickles down to the situation you are currently in. Consider the above factors before calling a locksmith Henderson near me to fix your locks.