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Locksmith Las Vegas NV – Weather-Proof Your Locks During Summer & Winter

Locks are meant to keep burglars and thieves away from your home. They are supposed to beef up the security, but this doesn’t mean locking you out. Sadly, there are plenty of scenarios in which your locks can end up doing so. From locking in your keys to simply not weather-proofing your locks, the list can be endless.

While you can easily avoid the former, the latter requires a little more attention to detail. Weather tends to have a diversity of effects on your home, including damaging the lock systems. Luckily, you can avoid such effects with the right preventative measures.


Here is how weather affects your locks and what to do about it:

What Winter Does To Your Locks

During the cold winter months, the door frame tends to contract. More often than not, this leads to the lock failing to fit properly with the door. Additionally, if the lock’s internal pins contract, the chances are that the lock might fail to match with the keys.

You will find it hard to open the door since the keys will not be a perfect match. On the other hand, the lock mechanism themselves might freeze. This further makes it tough to move the key or even open the door. Also, if you have a wooden door, this might increase the problem.

While some wooden doors will be affected by the increased winter humidity, others will contract due to the cold. As such, your lock’s key might turn, but the door will barely open since it will be tough to move the lock mechanisms.

The Short-Run Solution

In case your door lock is congested with ice, you can buy special lubricants from your locksmith Las Vegas NV. These lubricants help to eliminate the ice through dissolving the congestion using oily fluid and air pressure. Alternatively, you can switch to warming your key before inserting it into the keyhole.

Once you insert it, you will need to move it around to allow the ice in the lock to meltdown and release the congested lock. However, it is wise to let a locksmith Las Vegas NV to handle situations where the ice has misshaped the locking system. While the above suggestions will work for the short term, it is essential to use long-term preventative measures.

Winterizing Your Lock System

To winterize your locks, prevent them from getting wet. This will eliminate or reduce the water in the locks which limits the chances of ice formation. You can do so by situating them in areas where you least expose them to water. For instance, ensure that the gutters and overhangs keep water away from your door.

In case you use padlocks, on the other hand, warm them every once in a while during winter. Also, oiling all the locks in your home will also help prevent the effects of freezing. This will smoothed the movement of the lock’s internal mechanism.

Since wooden doors tend to be less weather resistant, replace them with durable options. These include fiberglass, steel and aluminum doors to name a few. Lastly, working with an experienced locksmith Las Vegas NV will ensure you have your locks installed perfectly with the weather being a consideration.


What Summer Does To Door Locks

In the summer months, you are most likely to experience door jams. This is mainly due to the expansion of the internal parts of the door locking system. Once these parts expand, it becomes tough for you to use a key to turn the locks or even open the door.

Wooden doors are quite prone to this situation. This is because they tend to swell a lot when exposed to hot temperatures. It is also common to notice this on deadbolt locks, whose compression results from the swelling of the door frame.

The summer heat may also warp the locking mechanism of your door. This spawns a situation where the keys do not match with the locks, which is most common in old doors.


How to Prevent the Problem

The first step is to use heat-resistant material. Although it doesn’t need to be heat resistant, it shouldn’t expand or contract easily. The material should be used both on your door and locks. For instance, you will need to use steel or fiberglass doors.

Also, switch to locks that will withstand the heat. Working with a reputable locksmith Las Vegas NV will ensure that you have the best suggestions on the types of locks to use in your home. Cooling off your home from time to time will also count. It helps to reduce the effect of the heat on your doors which limits how it affects the locks.


When to Contact a Locksmith

Any issues with the locks of your home should warrant the attention of an experienced locksmith Las Vegas NV. With their many years of experience, they have a better success rate when keenly assessing the situation of your door. You will then be offered a customized service to help your situation, along with some advice.

Sadly, not all situations will make it possible to contact a locksmith. For instance, getting locked out late in the night can leave you in a tough situation. While most locksmiths will still have their services available, you might not have a way to contact them.


As such, plan to have some few DIY tips to help you in opening the jammed door. For instance, warming your keys before inserting them in the lock might suffice. Above all, preventative measures will help you steer away from such inconveniences. These measures include using the right lock materials, preventing moisture buildup or hiring a locksmith to install your locks. However, you should save the contact details of a locksmith Las Vegas NV to avoid compromising your home’s security.

Winter and summer months will forever be harsh on your living standards. The onus is upon you to ensure they do not leave you locked out of your home. The trick lies in how prepared you are to face the winter and summer weather. Consider the weather-proofing tips above for your home to remain secure throughout.


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