Master lock Padlock The Top 4 Best Designs in 2017

Master Lock Padlock


Master lock Padlock The Top 4 Best Designs

Finding the best Master Lock padlock is not the easiest task. The problem is not that there are none worthy of this title. Instead, there are so many amazing models it is hard to determine which ones are the very best.

Below is a list and short review of some of the best Master Lock padlock models currently available on the market. They have been ranked as such based on their specific design, their pros and overall market reception. Without further ado, below are the top 4 best Master lock padlock designs.

1. Master lock Magnum Laminated Steel Seriesmasterlock

  • In this case, an entire series of locks has earned the number one spot as the best Master Lock padlock on the market. This is because the series is more or less exactly the same in terms of features and design with dimensions being the only difference.
  • Master Lock is known for the laminated steel body design which is a design that the brand pioneers actually introduced. The laminated steel on this padlock series forms the core of the body with an outer zinc layer existing to provide additional protection.
  • The Master Lock Magnum laminated steel locks also features a highly secure key cylinder with 4 security pins. This design is meant to offer protection by preventing access using lock picking tools. This combination of great security and aesthetics is the reason why the series is considered one of Master Lock’s finest.

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2. Master lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks 4400D 

  • Master Lock’s padlock designers have managed to maintain the charm and security of traditional padlock designs without losing touch with technological advancement. This is evident with Master Lock models such as the Bluetooth Smart Padlock. This is one of the best Master Lock padlocks as far as convenience is concerned with its keyless design. All you need is your smartphone and an easy to use app to get access to your property.
  • The padlock is powered using a replaceable battery that includes a low battery alert system to ensure you always have enough juice to run. The system also features alert systems allowing you to monitor access as well as get informed when people try to tamper with the lock. All these notifications are sent to you directly and to whatever remote location ensuring that you are always informed.
  • As far as security is concerned, this Master Lock padlock is pretty decent with the boron-carbide shackle and metal body offering security from physical attacks.

3. Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination Lock, Assorted Colors

  • This is one of the newest kids on the Master Lock padlock block and it comes with a bang. After its release in 2012, the Speed Dial Combination padlock has been one of Master Lock’s best-selling models. And with all its amazing features, it is not so hard to see why.
  • The dial is operated on a directional basis allowing movement up, down, left and right. This operation makes the lock super easy to operate. You don’t even have to look at it as you are opening it making it a lot more convenient than combination locks that rely on sight guided operation.
  • The shackle space is 3/4 inch wide and 1 inch high. With these dimensions, the padlock can only be fastened around narrow objects including locker room fasteners and tool box locks.

4. Master Lock 1177D ProSeries Resettable Combination Lock

  • This model is considered one of the strongest Master Lock padlocks courtesy of the brass body and boron-carbide shackles. In additional to this strength, the padlock features a sheltered shackle design. This is meant to protect the padlock by hindering access to the shackle bars using cutting tools.
  • The lock also features a combination lock design with up to 10,000 possible combinations for you to choose from and work with. The dials are also ergonomically designed allowing easy usage even with wet or gloved hands.
  • Finally, this padlock model is designed to ensure durability and weather resistance. This is achieved through the shackle seals and that dial flip cover that protect the inner delicate parts from damage by dust or water.

Final verdict

Each and every padlock on this list has earned its spot fair and square. Their amazing features and easy operability make them not only the best Master Lock padlocks but also among the best from any brand on the market. Each has its own share of perks to offer with the versatility also being something worth looking forward to.

So whether you want a speed dial combination lock for your suitcase or a laminated steel piece for your tool shed, you can rest assured that the 4 padlocks reviewed above will meet and exceed your expectations.

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