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How Your Locks Can Affect Your Insurance Policy

It’s important to ensure that you’re using the latest locks on your home or business to protect your assets. Failure to use a working lock can cause you to lose your rights to an insurance claim in the event of a robbery. Insurance Companies May Deny Your Claim Due to Non-functional Locks It’s important to […]

Protect Your Business Assets by Working with a Commercial Locksmith

Avoid losses by keeping your business secure and the locks working properly. Turn to a professional team for help with all of your door handles and locks. How a Locksmith Can Help You Secure Your Business Business losses aren’t always related to theft and shrinkage. Time is money, so you cannot afford to lose time […]

Steps to Take if Your Vehicle Has Been Broken Into

This article explains how to recover from a car break-in. Dirty Thief: How to Handle a Car Break-In A car break-in can cause a combination of emotions to flow throughout your body, especially anger. However, you can overcome this situation by keeping a cool head. Here are some tips on dealing with this frustrating issue. […]

Avoiding Common Locksmith Scams in Las Vegas

Summerlin locksmith

Reading reviews of locksmiths working in Las Vegas and asking the right questions of a potential locksmith are two of the best ways to avoid scams that others experienced in the city. How to Easily Avoid Locksmith Scams With Reputable Professionals Hiring the wrong locksmith can leave you with a broken lock on your front […]