August Smart Lock Virtual Keys – The Future of The Smart Locks

August Smart Lock Virtual Keys – Benefits and Tips on How to Use

August Smart Lock products have continued to surprise and impress us with all the amazing features and abilities. However, there is probably none as awesome as the virtual key feature. Imagine being able to let your friends, family and even employees into your home when you are nowhere near the premises. It’s a little like buzzing in but way safer and easier. Below is all you need to know about this revolutionary security function offered by August Smart Locks.  

How Do Virtual Keys Work?

The August Smart Lock system has a unique mechanism of action where through the August Connect product and the August App, home owners can control access to the house remotely through their phones. One way this is done is using virtual keys. This is basically a signal that is sent from the configured smart phone to the lock in order to open or shut it remotely. Smart locks come in handy when you wish to open the door for someone who doesn’t have a key or a Smartphone configured to your smart lock’s network.

For the virtual key to be effective, you need to know when to send it. In this case, the August Smart Lock system has you covered with the many different alert mechanisms in place. One of this operates through the August Doorbell Cam unit. This sends a notification to your phone whenever someone rings the bell. It also sends a live video feed allowing you to confirm identity before sending the key. The same unit also notifies you of human presence using the motion detector feature. When the doorbell ringing, notification will sent to your Smartphone so you can live view & use the 2 way talk feature. 

Are They Secure?

The answer to this question is yes. They are absolutely safe. This is because only you as the lock controller through your Smartphone have access to the remote network to let people in. It also eliminates some liabilities associated with physical keys that compromise on security. These include ability to get lost or stolen and duplication capabilities all present in physical keys and absent in virtual keys from August Smart Locks.

In addition to these security benefits, the virtual keys protected from external interference. This is through the system’s inbuilt interference protection mechanisms. 

Benefits of Virtual Keys

1. They are super easy to use- All you have to do is to send the virtual key to the person you want to let in using the August connect and smart app products. This also contributes a great deal to convenience as you don’t have to go through the trouble of making spare keys or finding a place to hide a key for your guests to use while you are away. 

2. They are more secure than actual keys- When working with people like house keepers, pet sitters and many others, it is usually a good idea to leave a spare key lying around somewhere for them to find and use. This is unsafe as if not hidden properly, burglary and home invasion becomes all too possible. With virtual keys on the other hand, you have full control in terms of access granting. 

3. You can’t lose a virtual key- This is pretty self-explanatory and is something that clumsy and forgetful people get to enjoy with August Smart Locks systems. 

4. Unlike regular keys, there is no limit on how many virtual keys you can make. If someone needs access and you are away then all you have to do is use the virtual keys feature to let them in. 

Bottom line

Whether it is your house keeper you want to let in or a friend who visits while you are away, you can rest assured that the virtual key from August Smart Locks will not let you down. With just the click of a button on your smart phone, your friends, family or employees will have access to your house. That way, you don’t have to worry about things like making spare keys for your kids or leaving hidden keys on the front porch for the unexpected guest. 

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