How Companies Should Handle Lockouts

All office buildings run the risk of a lockout, and having a lockout protocol in place can help employees get back inside the building as soon as possible.

Establishing a Lockout Protocol for Your Company

A key role that commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas play is assisting clients in regaining access to their buildings. Even offices that are open 24/7 or where access is controlled by electronic means run the risk of a lockout. Having a protocol in place not only ensures that you regain access to the building as soon as possible but that you minimize your costs.

Establish a Chain of Command

Assign a position within your organization that’s responsible for dealing with lockouts. There can be a second and even third position assigned in order to account for vacations, general unavailability and so forth. Anyone locked out now has a single point of contact, and that contact can deal with the situation according to protocol and in a consistent manner.

Create an Incident Report for Each Lockout

A lockout that’s an unusual occurrence is just that, but the second time a lockout occurs, a pattern has formed. Comparing incident reports that were written in detail at the time of the lockout will help you identify any similarities in the events, which you can then account for.

Incorporate Safety Protocols

Employees and vendors should also know what to do to protect themselves in the event of a lockout. Some businesses, for instance, instruct their employees to call the police prior to calling the primary contact. Police are often willing to provide a presence in order to keep people safe while they wait for a locksmith or the person with a key or access code to arrive.

Have a Locksmith in Place

There are many commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas and throughout the surrounding areas, and it’s advisable that you know who to call before you have to make that call. Not all services are available around the clock and some may charge emergency fees higher than what you’re comfortable with. Some services also have contracts available that allow you to have them on call for moments like this at a reduced cost.

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