How Do I Hire Auto Locksmiths For A Rental Car?

Hire Auto Locksmiths

There is no sensation quite like it, realizing you have locked yourself out of the car. This is especially true when you leave the car running with the keys inside. Moreover, it is a classic scene that most people hear about from a friend but rarely get to experience it themselves. And of course, to make matters worse, this always happens when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. The level of frustration most people reach during an episode like this can be quite disturbing. But, there is a light at the end of that particular tunnel. If all else fails, here is how to hire auto locksmiths to help you.

Rental Car

So what happens if you lock yourself out of a rental car? If you are near the rental place, you may be able to get them to help. Furthermore, if you are very lucky they might have a duplicate and be willing to take it to you. If the dealer cannot help but you have roadside assistance in your rental package this would be the time to reach for the phone and use it. What happens if you are on your own though? Especially if it happens during off-hours.

The problem with having an issue like this outside of normal business hours is that it can make everything more challenging. You cannot call the rental place for help and you are literally stuck with very few options. That’s when you need a locksmith for 24 hours. Keep in mind that you will need to prove you have a legal right to the car. It can be an invoice from the rental company or some sort of proof that the locksmith can use to make sure things are above board. Even an email confirmation that you can access on your phone can be used as proof.

Dealerships tend to try and perpetuate the myth that only they can provide you with extra keys to your car. This is because they want your business. More often than not, a locksmith can make duplicates of your keys for a fraction of the dealership’s cost.

Who Should I Call?

This is the part where we are biased. As I’m sure you know, we are locksmiths and among other specialties we are experts in car locks, duplicating car keys, Whether you need a transponder key, remote key, prox key, fobik, smart key or push to start, we can help you get back in and on with your day. As it happens we are also an emergency locksmith company which means that day or night if you find yourself in need of our services, we are at your disposal. So to answer the question of who you should call, Silver Eagle Locksmith, any time day or night.

Locked Out? Give Us A Call

If you find yourself in need of a locksmith 24 hours you can rely on Silver Eagle locksmiths, your trusted professionals in the Las Vegas area. If you are locked out of your car or home give us a call at 7025399581 or send us an email at

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