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The rules and laws that apply to locksmiths change from state to state. And, not all states require a locksmith to be licensed. Here in Nevada, for example, the person becoming a locksmith must be over 18 years of age and have never been convicted of a felony. They must have a valid driver’s license and upon receiving the permit will have 5 years in which to operate. After that time, they must renew the permit and the above requirements apply again. These rules serve to prevent people with a criminal past from becoming locksmiths.

Unlocking Your Home

A locksmith cannot just take your word for it and open the door to a house or car. If you hire a locksmith to open the lock on your front door you will have to prove that the place is as you claim, yours. Verifying proof of residency can be a simple thing. That is if you have a current and valid driver’s license with your home’s address. If you do not have proof of residency it can complicate matters. In fact, the chances of the locksmith moving forward are minimal. There are other ways you can prove ownership of the property including online resources.

If You Rent

If you have a landlord, he or she should be able to help. In fact, many times the landlord may have a spare key saving you the service charge. In fact, if the locksmith opens a door without checking proof of ownership or residence and a burglary is committed, he or she will be considered an accomplice by law. So, locksmiths tend to be very careful with their services. A landlord does not have the power to lock you out, at least in most states. If they want you out, they must follow the process to evict you within the law. Also, if you come home and you have been illegally locked out, you can legally find a way back in.

Locked Out Of A Car

So what happens if you lock yourself out of your car? It is similar to the situation with a house where you must show proof of ownership. With a car this can be a little more difficult as a valid driver’s license will not be enough. A copy of the car’s title or car payments in your name may be enough proof for the work to begin.

In any of these situations, the reasonable thing to do is call a 24-hour locksmith, someone who will take your call even if it comes at three in the morning and help you get back in. These professionals can also provide you with the details of what proof you need in order for them to assist you. Be sure to ask that before you have them come out to your location. Otherwise, you will still get billed for the time and they will not be able to complete the service.

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