Types of Window Locks That Can Protect Your Home from Intruders

Types of Window Locks

Different types of window locks is something that a locksmith can install. Learning about these types can help you decide which kind is the best for your home safety and security needs.

Three Types of Window Locks to Boost Your Home’s Safety

If you are a parent of a young child, keeping that child safe in the home is as important as keeping out unwanted intruders. With the assistance of professional locksmiths in Las Vegas, you can have window locks installed so that your child is not able to climb out, and unwelcome visitors are not able to get into your home. Learn about the different types of locks and how they could be of benefit to your family.

Sliding Locks

Sliding locks are mounted onto the window’s track. When a locksmith permanently installs this type of lock, the homeowner must unlock the window with a key in order for it to open. This type of lock works well at keeping intruders out of the home. But, it may make escaping the house more difficult during an emergency. If the windows are double hung, a locksmith will need to install more than one sliding lock.

Hinged Wedge Locks

Hinged wedge locks are professionally installed onto a double hung window by locksmiths. The purpose of this lock is to prevent the window from fully opening. You can open the window a few inches to allow air to circulate. A locksmith can easily disable this kind of lock from the inside of the home if you use both of your hands to push in the hinges toward the glass. This can help if you need to escape from the home during a fire.

Folding Locks

Folding locks work in a similar way as hinged wedge locks, but they mount on the top of the window rather than the sides. The window allows air to circulate but does not fully open, which helps keep young kids safe in the home. Your locksmith can install these on newer as well as older windows to keep your family safe.

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