Why You Should Rekey Your Home

Many homeowners move right into a new residence without rekeying their locks. You don’t want to skip this important step of new home ownership. Taking old keys out of circulation ensures that no one will be able to access your house without your knowledge.

How Rekeying Works

Las Vegas locksmith takes apart the old lock to rekey the pins inside of the barrel, preventing the old keys from working. Keying an existing lock is much cheaper than replacing the entire lock. While you can purchase a DIY rekeying kit, it’s best practice to hire a professional to guarantee that the job gets done properly.


There are two primary reasons that you should rekey a new home: security and convenience. Unless you move into a brand new home, when you first buy a house, you have no idea how many people have copies of the keys. Even if you collected the keys from the previous owners, there may still be other keys in circulation. From ex-girlfriends to cleaning staff to landscaping crews, there may be lots of people that you don’t know who have keys. Rekeying the locks gives you full control over who can and can’t get into your home.


It is not uncommon for older homes to have multiple locks. It can get confusing having several keys for your home on the same ring. Rekeying your home is a great way to unify the lock system so that you only have to worry about keeping track of one house key.
If you’re looking for more information about rekeying your home, contact your local locksmith in Las Vegas. They will walk you through the process of installing new keys in your house to give you a peace of mind about the safety of your family.

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