5 Myths About Auto Replacement Keys

Auto Replacement Keys

As time has progressed so has the technology and that has led to an increase in technology in our vehicles. Older vehicles have even begun to look into new modern tech like smart keys. You should remember that each car will have its own specs to consider. There are many misconceptions and myths about auto replacement keys. These often come from the media like television shows and movies. As trusted Las Vegas locksmiths, we get a range of questions due to these myths and it is time to debunk some of them. 

Only a Car Manufacturer Can Replace Your Key

One of the biggest myths we face is that only a car manufacturer can replace or duplicate a car key. This is not the case whatsoever. This is especially common to hear when referencing microchip keys. Manufacturers and dealers can reprogram microchip auto replacement keys using in-house tools. However, so can a locksmith. We also have the tools to program or reprogram a microchipped key. You can also save money by going to a locksmith as opposed to a dealer or manufacturer. 

Key Replacements Are Expensive

Many people avoid calling a locksmith because they fear that the price will be out of their budget. The reality is that locksmiths often offer better prices than a key distributor. You can always call around and get several quotes prior to purchasing auto replacement keys. You may be able to get a key for far less than the original manufacturer. 

Keys Can be Easily Disabled

With many keys having intricate technology in them, many people assume they can easily be disabled. The general public has an idea that thieves have tools to disable microchip keys when in reality this is not the case. The only parties that can possess a tool to disable a microchipped key are dealerships and certified locksmiths. Having a transponder key is actually a great deterrent for thieves since they know they cannot get very far without the key in their possession. 

You Need an Original Key

A common misconception about obtaining auto replacement keys is that you will need to have the original key for duplication. As locksmiths, we understand how important your vehicle is to you, and in order to create a replacement key, we will need to see the documentation that goes with the vehicle. This will not only allow us to verify ownership but also the kind of car and the best key to use. 

Locksmiths Cannot Cut or Replace Your Key

Locksmiths specialize in locks and your vehicle has locks so they in theory can cut and replace your key. Many people are of the understanding that locksmiths cannot handle modern car keys. Instead, the reality is that locksmiths need to keep up with the ever-changing auto industry. With modern technology comes modern solutions that locksmiths need to stay in the loop on.  

Silver Eagle Locksmith is Here in a Pinch

Do not fall for the myths and misconceptions. Reach out to a professional locksmith for your auto replacement keys. We handle all kinds of locks and keys from commercial, home, and auto. Call Silver Eagle Locksmith at 702-539-9581 today and open your locks. 

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