5 Surprising Facts About Using A Deadbolt

Every homeowner wants to keep their property safe and secure. One way to do so is by using locks. Some homeowners will try to get creative by getting fancy alarms systems and guard dogs. The most surefire way to keep intruders out is by using a lock from Silver Eagle Locksmith

The Different Kinds of Deadbolt Locks

Many people often think that a deadbolt has only one design and in order to stay secure, you need to give up on the aesthetics of your home. That is not the case, however, because there is a range of options when it comes to a deadbolt lock. The three main types of deadbolt locks are:

  • Single-cylinder deadbolts: a simple deadbolt that can be opened from one side using a key. This cannot be used on doors that have a window or breakable glass near the handle. 
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolts: as you can imagine, these locks do not require a key but instead use a fingerprint scanner or a password in order for you to gain access to your home. 
  • Double cylinder deadbolts: similar to a single-cylinder lock, this lock requires a key. The only difference is that it requires two keys, one on each side to gain access. There are pros and cons to this and every lock depending on your circumstances and use. 

Superior Protection for Your Home

One reason why a deadbolt lock is so popular is due to the amount of security they provide. It is the hardest steel bolt that extends into the doorjamb and strike plate. It has been said that having a deadbolt lock can significantly reduce your chances of being the victim of a burglary. Another interesting thing to consider is that deadbolts have passed tests conducted by the American National Standards Institute. It has been categorized as a commercial-grade product. 

Difficult to Pick

One of the most popular reasons to get a deadbolt lock is because it is difficult to pick. They are known to be nearly impossible to break especially for the average burglar. They will need to find another way into your home and if they cannot get in through the door, they will often give up and move on to another victim. 

Save on Insurance Premiums

Every homeowner loves to save money and with a deadbolt lock, you can do just that. Your homeowners’ insurance. In the eyes of your insurance company, you are a less risky client when you have a deadbolt installed. If you also have cameras, fence locks, and window locks, your premium can also be lowered. 

Deadbolts Have Limits

You may be sold on the idea of getting a deadbolt installed but you must also keep in mind that they do have their limitations. Some limitations include:

  • Lock bumping
  • Passwords can be guessed on keyless locks
  • You can forget your password and be locked out of your home
  • Double keys may mean you are trapped during an emergency if you are unable to find the key

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