Is A Heavy Duty Lock Really Secure?

You want to keep your property secure from intruders and thieves. One way to do so is by using a heavy-duty lock. The question that many people have is whether this lock is enough to protect their property. 

Locks are used most often to stop thieves from taking trailers, ladders, motorcycles, and equipment that is found on your property. You have worked hard to purchase and maintain your property and the last thing you want is some thief coming and taking that all away from you. 

Bolt Cutters are Everywhere

The tool of choice for thieves is bolt cutters. They can break many locks with this one simple tool which makes it easier for them to gain access to anything it had been protecting. When you have a heavy-duty lock you can do a few things to make it more difficult for a thief with bolt cutters. You will need to get a lock with a thicker shackle and ensure that it is less exposed. The locking mechanism will also make a difference in keeping your property safe, such as using a lock with a ball-bearing locking mechanism. 

Welded Eye Bolts

Another method to stop thieves is by using welded eye bolts. It is known to stop thieves in their tracks or at the very least slow them down. A welded eyebolt can be run through one of the studs in your garage. It can also be used to lock your ladder or your boat in addition to a cable or chain lock. You should also consider adding eye bolts to your concrete, so you have an added layer of protection embedded right on your property. Make sure they are out of the way and secure.  

Noise Draws Attention

Noise often draws attention to the area it is coming from. So an additional way to keep your items safe and secure is by using alarms that have sounds. These kinds of alarms are best used on motorcycles and trailers along with garage doors. You can also use these kinds of alarms on gate latches, and sheds. Whether you are in the area or not, having a larger audible sound can scare criminals away and get attention in the neighborhood. 

You can also install security cameras or motion sensor alarms to further secure your property. There are many options on the market for you to choose from. Keep in mind, if you choose to go for motion sensors, you will need to take into account your windows. Some thieves will opt for windows if they think the door is too complex to pry open. 

Padlocks and Your Home

Scouring your home can be as simple as buying the right heavy-duty lock or as complex as installing cameras everywhere. There are many different kinds of padlocks available for you to choose from. Knowing what you will be using them for is key to choosing the most secure one for you. Your two main options will be keyed and combined. From there, you will have several choices to make. 

Silver Eagle Locksmith is Here to Handle All of Your Lock Problems

When you are on the market for home security and have questions regarding your heavy-duty lock, call Silver Eagle Locksmith at 702-539-9581 today. We can help you find the right heavy-duty lock for your home or office.

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