7 Ways Commercial Locksmith Services Can Help Keep Your Business Safe

Commercial Locksmith Services

Your business isn’t just a source of income, but a source of pride as well. It is indispensable to keep the premises protected at all times! 

Around 34% of the burglaries that happen each year in the United States affect businesses. A burglary not only leaves a dent in your pocket; it can also cause further harm by leaving fear in your employees’ and customers’ mind.

For your business to thrive, you need to provide a safe environment for your employees and customers while protecting your valuable assets from people with ill intentions.

When it comes to safeguarding your business premises, commercial locksmiths play a crucial role. If you have a properly-working security system and advanced locks in place, you can curtail the chances of thieves breaking into your building.

Read on to discover how commercial locksmith services can help keep your business secure. We’ve also listed some tips to help you find the best commercial locksmith in your area.

Installing an Advanced Security System 

You can reduce the risks of burglaries and break-ins by installing an advanced security system. Moreover, employees feel safer working at a premises they know is secured around the clock using high-security locks and other measures.

A commercial locksmith can install and maintain access control systems that will safeguard your premises 24/7. These systems include bump-proof locks, panic bars, interchangeable core locks, master key systems, keypad locks, smart locks, biometric locks, doorbell cameras, and other equipment to deter unwanted intruders.

Professional commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas can install these systems around the building to help you protect every room. If you already have a security system installed, you can contact a locksmith to get it serviced, upgraded, or replaced.

Reinforcing Commercial Doors 

The commercial doors of your building are the first line of defense against bad actors. However, if they are not in proper shape, they could be easily broken, giving these people access to your valuable equipment and goods.

Commercial locksmiths can reinforce these doors by installing high-quality security bars and bump-proof locks. Having the best security equipment can double the door’s protection for your business.

In addition, a commercial locksmith can analyze your property and show you which doors should be reinforced. They will help you choose the best advanced high-security locks for your business. 

For the highest level of security, commercial locksmiths can install smart locks that only a few authorized people can access.

Rekeying the Locks 

Every business owner needs to get the locks rekeyed from time to time. Whether you have lost a key or have an issue with a former employee who had a key, you need to call a commercial locksmith.

Rekeying the locks eliminates the risk someone with a copy of the key from entering without authorization. In addition, commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas can help you change the entire lock if they think it is the better option.

When you have all the locks working properly with new keys, your business becomes less vulnerable to thefts and other damages that criminal-minded people can cause.

Providing Master Keys 

One of the significant causes of business losses is employee theft. Data shows that employee theft caused a whopping loss of $50 billion to businesses each year in the United States. 

Reinforced doors and alarm systems can safeguard your business from all external sources, but sometimes the problem lies inside. 

A commercial locksmith can provide you with a master key to each department for easy access to the entire business premises. This helps you fend off shady dealings that may happen behind your back. 

Once you have access to the entire premises, you can pay a surprise visit to check if all operations are being carried out as they should for improved productivity. 

Only hire a licensed locksmith with experience installing master key systems for the premises. Silver Eagle Locksmith is a trusted name in Las Vegas and a preferred choice of many local businesses. Give us a call at 702-539-9581 if you want to use master keys at your business.

Installing Fire-Proof Panic Bars 

While advanced security locks can deter criminals from breaking in through the doors, there are usually other points of entry. A commercial locksmith can help install fire-proof panic bars on all the windows of the building.

Professional commercial locksmiths such as Silver Eagle Locksmith have the experience and know-how to install fire-resistant panic bars. We can even guide you on the size and type of panic bars that are perfect for your business. 

Upgrading All Kinds of Locks and Door Hardware 

If the main door of your business building has an old lock, the chances of a break-in may be high. Like any other device, locks age and are prone to damage due to wear and climatic conditions.

It’s vital for every business in Las Vegas to have its locks upgraded from time to time. By upgrading your locks, you can prevent the risk of burglary and reduce the chances of business lockouts.

At Silver Eagle Locksmith, we can upgrade all kinds of high-security lock systems with the best industrial locks or smart locks of your choosing. Our technicians can also install interchangeable core locks, which can be easily changed. You can contact us to quickly change the lock core and keys whenever you need. 

Keeping Your Valuables Protected with a Business Safe 

If your business deals in valuable items, a safe is a great option to keep them protected. However, just getting the best safe is not enough, you will need a highly-qualified commercial locksmith who can install the safe properly.

As a business owner, you may find it challenging to find a safe that fits your requirements. A knowledgeable commercial locksmith can go over your options and help you find the best safe for you.

Contact Silver Eagle Locksmith and we will guide you on which safe is perfect for your security needs. Moreover, our trained technicians can install the safe for you, making the entire process hassle-free. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Locksmith in Las Vegas 

Merely searching for the “best locksmith near me” may not help you choose a reliable partner. So, here are some tips for choosing a commercial locksmith who understands your needs and delivers the best services.

They Should Be Local 

A local locksmith will be able to quickly arrive at your business in a time of emergency. If you have a business in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, or the surrounding area, you are in luck. Silver Eagle Locksmith serves the entire area and offers emergency locksmith services.

They Should Be Licensed

You should only hire a commercial locksmith you can trust. Ensure they are licensed, insured, and have been operating in the area for many years. You can check if they are licensed online or call their local office for verification.

They Should Have a Strong Reputation

Look for a commercial locksmith with a strong reputation. You can check their online reviews or ask around among your friends about their quality of service. It would be better if you have a few opinions before deciding to work with a particular locksmith.

Understand the Services they Offer 

To safeguard your business, you need a wide range of security solutions, such as security systems, high-end locks, and safes. Choose a commercial locksmith that offers the services you need and has ample experience in the industry. 

Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions

Ask questions related to security options, cost, and availability. A reputable and qualified commercial locksmith will answer all your queries without hesitation. Always ensure that the technician working on your business property has experience working on similar job types.

Fast Arrival Time and Emergency Services are a Must 

Some reliable locksmiths in Las Vegas, such as Silver Eagle Locksmith, provide mobile services and have a rapid response time. Moreover, the locksmith should offer emergency services to help you in situations such as business lockouts or attempted break-ins.

Response time is another factor you need to keep in mind when choosing a commercial locksmith. 

Keep Your Business Protected with Silver Eagle Locksmith 

Smart business owners and managers choose Silver Eagle Locksmith to keep their Las Vegas business safe and secure. We are a team of experienced locksmiths that can install and maintain high-security locks, advanced locks, fire-rated panic bars, and more.

Our Las Vegas locksmith commercial key services include installing and repairing a wide range of exit device hardware like mortise locks, cylinder locks, push bar locks, keypad locks, smart locks, and other products. Furthermore, we can replace lost keys or rekey existing locks for clients who want a new key system.

Our excellent customer service and client-centric approach make us a trusted name in Las Vegas, NV. You can choose us for any commercial locksmith service you need. 

Your business and employees deserve strong security at all times, so contact Silver Eagle Locksmith at 702-539-9581 and let us make your business even safer.

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