8 Irrefutable Benefits of Having a Spare Car Key

Spare Car Key

Imagine you are already running late for the office and still have to drop off your kids at school, and then discover you are locked out of your car. Your spouse has already left and after a thorough search, you realize you don’t even have a spare key.

Most people don’t even want to think about this nightmare becoming a reality, but it demonstrates the importance of having a spare car key. An extra car key may be the thing that saves the day during emergencies.

In this article, you’ll find the top eight benefits of why investing in a spare car key makes sense. Whether you drive an old Honda or the latest Ford truck, you should have a spare key because of the following advantages.

It Saves You from a Car Lockout 

Getting locked out of your car will ruin your whole day. Some modern cars are equipped with smart security features that don’t allow the car door locks to work if the key is inside. However, for the majority of cars, you can easily accidentally lock your keys in the car. When you get out of the car on the motorway to inspect a flat tire, you may get locked out.

Being stranded outside of your car can be a horrible experience, especially when you are in a remote area or in a rush to reach your destination. A spare car key hidden under the bumper can help ease the anxiety and stress, and you can get inside the car without inflicting any damage on your car.

It Saves You When You’ve Lost the Car Keys

It may come as a surprise, but more than 20 million Americans lose their car keys and house keys every year. You go to the supermarket, take your wallet out, and the car keys fall out. You have your hands full with coffee for the office and don’t notice you’ve dropped your keys in the cafe. Your kids were playing with your car keys and now they are nowhere to be found. There are numerous similar situations that can result in anyone losing their car key. 

Having a spare car key you can collect from home means you can still drive your car. If you don’t have one, you need to call Silver Eagle Locksmith at 702-539-9581 to have a car key replacement made, which obviously takes some time. 

If you don’t currently have a spare car key stashed at home or at work, now is the right time to get one from a reliable locksmith.

It Prevents Damage to Original Keys and Locks

If you pay attention, you’ll notice the car keys you use regularly might be wearing out. While the process may be gradual, you don’t know what day the keys will become no longer functional and unable to unlock the car.

Trying to force the key can damage the door’s lock, making it even more impossible to unlock the vehicle.

Just like any other device, car keys are also susceptible to wear over time. It is normal and happens even to the most well-crafted keys. A spare car key helps minimize the damage your original keys go through every day. 

You can use both keys alternatively, thus, reducing the wear and keeping both keys in good shape. In a nutshell, having a spare key prevents the original key from getting overused or exposed to other elements that can damage it somehow.

It Prevents Need for Fob Battery Replacement 

Even if you have a smart fob that enables keyless entry, you can still get locked outside the car if the fob’s batteries run flat.

Smart keys with remotes have batteries that can go dead after some time. Moreover, most car keys don’t have a low battery indicator so the owners don’t know the batteries are about to die.

You might think you can just put in new batteries in the original key fob. However, that may not work because the fob keys need to be programmed after battery replacement.

Having a space car key in place means you can use it if the original car key becomes unresponsive. Also, using both transponder keys alternatively helps improve the battery life of both keys by protecting them from overuse.

It Means Two People Can Drive the Same Car 

If you and your spouse (or child, sibling, roommate, etc.) drive the same car, you’ll admit that a spare key is a must. Nothing can be more frustrating than the other person taking the key with them and you are left with the car but no way to get inside. 

An extra key eliminates waiting, annoyance, and confrontation, which is also good for a healthy relationship with your partner. Also, if one driver loses the original key, the other person can help them with the spare one.

It Saves You from the Hassle of Configuring Driver Settings 

 What is great about modern cars is the features like automatic seat adjustment, climate control, and quick adjustments for mirrors. You unlock the car, hop in, and find that the driver settings are configured according to your preference. 

But it may not be the case if more than one people drive the same vehicle. A single key has one memory setting, so it’ll configure the seats and mirrors according to one person only.

An extra key lets the other person configure the driver setting according to them and save it in the key. For example, driver A can use Key A for their specific setting, while driver B can use key B with a different setting.

It saves you from the hassles of setting everything up every day after you get in the car. Instead, just unlock your car, get in, and drive wherever you want in comfort. 

It Saves You a Trip to the Car Dealership

Losing your car keys means needing to have a car key replacement made. In most cases, a qualified automotive locksmith would be able to make you a new car key or car key fob. However, there are some models that require you to buy duplicate keys from the car dealership only. Waiting for a period of time, then figuring out how you can get there to pick up your new key.

If you already have a spare key to replace the lost keys, you save yourself a whole lot of time and energy.

It Is Cost-Effective 

You must be wondering, a spare car key comes at a price so how is it cost-effective? It’s easier to replicate a key from an existing car key than to try to duplicate the key based on the car locks. The process of making a spare key for your car requires the original key.

If you don’t have a spare, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. Things get pretty complex, especially with modern car keys, because they have a built-in chip that needs to be replicated as well.

Car Key Tips Every Smart Driver Should Know 

You have made the right decision by getting a spare car key, and now you don’t have to worry too much about lockouts or other emergencies. However, to be sure, these car key tips will make your life even better. 

Make Friends with a Keychain 

If you never want to lose your car keys again, make friends with a keychain. You can use a keychain with a carabiner that hooks onto your pants or something from a trip that brings up fond memories. The important thing is for your keys to stand out and not be easily lost.

Keep the Spare Key Accessible 

Don’t hide the spare car key in an old trunk in your basement. It should be accessible to everyone you can trust so that they can find it in the event of an emergency.

Have a Reliable Car Locksmith in Your Phonebook 

Locksmiths are life saviors when you find that your car keys are not working or responding. Find the best locksmith in Las Vegas and put them in your phone’s contacts so that you know who to call when you lose your car keys, want to make a spare copy, or need other auto locksmith services.

Maintain the Car Keys and the Lock 

Keep your car keys clean and dust free. You can easily do it by wiping the dust and grime off the keys regularly. If there are any chips on the keys, have them fixed immediately. It would be prudent to see a locksmith after some time to get the keys serviced properly.

To avoid problems in the future, it is critical to always maintain your car keys and the car locks properly. No matter if it is an emergency or just a regular maintenance visit, always ensure that you call a reputable locksmith for a car lockout service. They will help you resolve your issues in no time.

Order Your Spare Car Key Today with Silver Eagle Locksmith 

Silver Eagle Locksmith is a trusted Las Vegas locksmith service specializing in lost car key replacement, fixing a damaged lock, replacing car fob batteries, and other car locksmith services. We understand the importance of a spare key and will make the copy car key fit perfectly into the existing lock.

You should have a spare car key on hand because of all the benefits listed above. Call Silver Eagle Locksmith: at 702-539-9581 and get a spare car key at reasonable rates.

We make replacement car keys for almost every car model, including the latest cars with keyless entry features. Don’t wait until you get locked out of your car; contact us for all your automotive locksmith needs today!

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