An In-depth Look at Phone-Activated Lock Sets

Learn about the reasons that phone-activated locks save time for rental owners and homeowners, and other considerations of using them.

Are Phone-Activated Locksets For You?

Smart technology continues to expand to every aspect of your home. Keyless entry in cars is now turning into keyless entry for homes, and there are several very smart models that have made innovative strides toward home security and ease of getting through. Here is a look at the pros and cons of keyless home lock sets.

The Benefits

With the popularity of things like Air B and B for extra income, having lock sets that can be used as soon as a remote PayPal deposit is received is a great way to manage your vacation rental effortlessly. Locked out long-term renters no longer need to call a locksmith in Las Vegas or wherever you might live. Parents concerned about their kids getting safely to and from school might like one of the lock sets with facial recognition, or the ones that snap a picture of who is home in the afternoon. Finally, the ability to not need to give houseguests or surprise visitors a key but simply to let them in and out with a code that expires after 24 hours is a wonderful gift.

Other Considerations

The potential drawbacks of these systems are very specific to the model of keyless lock you are using. Many of these systems allow for a backup key, and are tied to the deadbolt portion of the door, instead of the handle set. Another risk is that doors that are on auto-open when you are near your home may open automatically for a home intruder as you are pulling into your garage or working outside. Finally, if you don’t carry a key and leave it inside, the battery on these systems must be replenished, or you’ll find yourself calling that locksmith after all.

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