How to Safely Hide a Spare Key

Many people would love to keep a spare key within easy reach, but they are afraid someone else will find it and gain unrestricted access to their home. Following these tips will make it easy to safely stash a key away for emergencies.

Where to Hide a Spare Key

The spare key under the doormat is almost a running joke at this point. So are the fake rocks and the too-conspicuous garden gnome. Those are the first places a thief would look when searching for an easy way into your home. Here are a few better places to hide keys inconspicuously.

Key Vaults

Hang a ‘key vault’ on your door. This padlock has a container inside that holds a key; however, only with the proper combination will it open and allow you get to the key. This is a great way to leave a key for house sitters and family members who may need to get inside while you are away. This concept is often used by real estate agents.

Dead Drops

The dead drop is a concept popularized by movies, when the protagonist drops off the valuables in a pre-determined location. You can take the same idea and apply it to your home. The key does not have to be within arm’s reach of the door; in fact, it is a better idea to stash it far from the door, perhaps in a hidden area near the AC unit or in an open spot on your child’s swing set. Knowing where the key is — and making sure it is hidden from sight — will provide a level of safety.

Dog Collar

Special dog collars can be bought that contain a pouch for the house key. Your dog is unlikely to allow an intruder to get close enough to gain access to the key, but they are always happy to see their own when you return.

These methods are not foolproof, but they are clever enough that most people do not think of them. Apply these methods to add a level of security to your home while still having easy access to a spare key for those times when you lock yourself out. Of course, when all else fails, know the number for commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas who can let you inside.

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