Frequently Asked Questions about Window Security Film

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Security window film is an innovation in window security that has proven to be one of the best methods of home protection. Applied to existing windows, the security film helps to keep out unwanted visitors and serves as the last line of defense against break-ins. While it is becoming increasingly popular, a lot of questions about window security film are asked. Here are the most common questions and their answers.

Would my windows come with security film fitted?

The installation of window security film is an add-on process meaning it is applied to already fitted windows. The installation is done by professional fitters on-site after all windows or glass doors have been installed. Unlike glazed windows, the film is not fitted during the glass production process.

Can I Install the security film myself?

While it may seem like a simple process, applying security film to a window or glass door is a delicate process that should only be carried out by trained professionals to prevent air pockets and bubbles. There are a number of installation methods depending on the required output from the security film. Window film that is applied for cosmetic reasons follows a simpler process while film being fitted for security purposes requires a more painstaking installation process. Only a professional would be able to advise you on the best course of action for your specific case.

Would the security window film make my glass bulletproof?

While bulletproof glass is much more expensive, something like the 3M security window film provides the same affect in a more cost-effective manner. The 3M window film is made by blending together multiple thick layers of polyester using special adhesive that makes any glass bulletproof and shatterproof.

Can my window still be broken into?

As it is still glass, your window is not totally impenetrable but it will hold out much longer with an application of security film. According to demonstrations carried out, 3M security window film takes more than one whole minute to break through using bullets, blunt force and a lead pipe. This gives you more than enough time to react to the break-in.

Are there any other applications of window film?

While hardening and securing your windows is the number one benefit of window film, recent innovations have let us add options like solar proofing and light detection to the security window film. The film can change shades depending on the weather outside to always provide the right lighting for your room. This can help reduce energy costs and keeps out heat and harmful UV rays.

Will security film make my building weatherproof?

Applying window security film to your windows and glass doors provides an extra layer of insulation that keeps out breezes and other environmental hazards. Due to their increased strength, they are completely resistant to high speeds of winds and flying debris. As the film holds together the glass shards even if the glass cracks, the probability of injury from flying glass shards is also minimized.

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