How To Install A Burglar Proof Strike Plate

How To Install A Burglar Proof Strike Plate

The strength of any system relies on its component parts. This is true for institutions, governing bodies, bodily functions and also the security of your door. Strike plates are without a doubt among the most important parts of any door lock. Those that are designed to be burglar proof in particular offer security like no other part of the door lock unit. This is because they are designed to resist high impact forces and remain intact whether attacked with a high hick or using a powerful log. Below is all the information you need about selection and installation of burglar proof strike plates in order to ensure that you and your belongings are safe at all times.

Installation Tips

  • STEP 1- Gather your tools

The first and possibly most important step is ensuring that you have everything you need for effective installation. Some of the tools you should have include:

– A set of damage cover-up strike plates

– Drill gun, drill bit and screw driver

– Screws

– Dremel

– A ruler or tape measure

– Pencil or marking chalk

Damage cover-up strike plates are usually applied when there has been damage to the door frame as a result of kick-in forced entry. However, they are still very useful when the frame is still intact and in this case you will be required to remove the existing striking plate.

  • STEP 3- Take requisite measurements and mark surfaces

The plates run a good portion of the frame’s length and it is therefore very important to measure the gap between the door and the frame itself. If it is too small, you can chip off some wood from the frame to ensure a perfect snug fit. Another important measurement to take is that of the main strike plate in comparison with the deadbolt’s position and size. This will allow you to choose the perfect position for the burglar proof strike plate for effective installation.

  • STEP 4- Cut out the bolt slots

These appear on the principal burglar proof strike plate. Once the measurements are taken, you can use a dremel to cut out slots for the deadbolt to go through its hole in the frame.

  • STEP 5- Mount the strike plates along the frame

The rest of the strike plates will then be mounted onto the frame along its length. These act as strength reinforcements and are responsible for the plates’ burglar proof nature.

Finally, shut the door and test the lock to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned. If you are up to the task, you could also try performing a kick-in test to determine the strength and integrity of the newly installed burglar proof strike plates.


Use of high impact force is one of the most common methods used by burglars to obtain unauthorized access. With these strike plates however, this is not something that you will have to worry about. The tips provided above should come in super handy for you whether you are an expert locksmith or a home owner looking for a DIY project.

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