How Long Does A Locksmith For A Car Take?

You may have found yourself in the unfortunate citation of being locked out of your car. You are running out of options and have decided to call a locksmith. Now you sit and wait to wonder how long will a locksmith for a car take to get to you and get you back into your vehicle. In most cases, the time it takes is relatively short if there are no delays, of course. The time can also vary by vehicle and how difficult it is to replace or program your key. There is a range of things that go into the time you will need to wait to regain entry to your car. 

Potential Delays

The first set of delays you may experience come from the moment that a locksmith is dispatched. It will typically take them 15 to 30 minutes to reach your location if you are local. This can be extended to far longer if there is inclement weather, construction detours, accidents, or traffic. You may also experience a delay if there are other jobs ahead of yours. 

Upon arrival, delays can present themselves if you do not have the proper identification present as the locksmith for a car cannot proceed until identity has been verified. If you are in a difficult location to get to, this can also be a contributing factor. The kind of key and vehicle it belongs to also play a crucial role in the amount of time your locksmith will need.

Replacing Keys

Modern and newer cars have transponder chips that need to be programmed for your specific vehicle. This can take a locksmith for a car some additional time to complete the job but you’ll be sure that by using a professional you will have the right key fitted to your vehicle. Transponder keys can take some additional time and are crucial to the operation of your vehicle. Without the ignition reading the programmed chip, the car will not be able to function. 

Typical Time it Takes a Locksmith to Work on a Car 

Depending on your individual needs, a locksmith service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. For a car, it usually takes 10 minutes to simply unlock a house or car. If you are replacing a lock, this will take longer, usually 10 minutes but can also be anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes for a complex lock. 

What Does the Process Look Like

There are a few steps that a locksmith will need to go through while replacing your car key. They will need to get the key code only when applicable. If you have a working key or the blade from a broken key then this step is not necessary. The next step is to cut the key and make any copies that are necessary. Your locksmith will make sure that the key works and that you can access your vehicle. The final step is programming the key, if applicable. 

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