How Professionally Installed Window Locks Help to Keep Your Home Safer

The simple latches built into windows are only made to keep them completely closed. With professionally installed window locks, you can help to increase the safety of your home.

Types of Window Locks That Increase Your Home’s Safety

While many homeowners enjoy the benefit of an alarmed security system that is monitored day and night, good old-fashioned locks are always a wise choice. Experienced locksmiths in Las Vegas are able to install strong window locks that work as a primary defense against thieves who might try to gain access to your home. Professionally installed window locks are stronger and sturdier than the basic latches installed onto your windows by the manufacturer.

Sliding Locks

Sliding window locks are not only ideal for keeping unwanted visitors out of your home, but they also work for preventing young children from opening the window and climbing outside. Permanent sliding window locks are mounted onto the window’s tracks and use wing nuts for mounting onto the window. The locksmith provides you with a key to the lock, as the window can only be opened when the lock is unlocked.

Keyed Sash Locks

Homes with double hung windows benefit from the professional installation of keyed sash locks. A locksmith installs this type of a window lock by mounting the lock onto the side of the window or the window sash. A key is required to release the lock so that the window can be opened. Locksmiths can choose a lock that matches the finish of your window.

Hinged Window Locks

If you want to be able to partially open your window, hinged window locks installed by a Las Vegas locksmith are a good choice. When the hinge is locked, you can partially open your window so that air can circulate. You may tell the locksmith exactly where to install the hinge, as the window will only open as far as the height of the hinge when the lock is engaged. This style of window lock features a special fold that can be pushed inward so that the window is able to fully open.

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