The Benefits of the Keyless Lock

The traditional method of preventing unwanted individuals from gaining access to a home or building is to install a lock and to keep the key safe. With the advent of new technology, this mindset has changed to accommodate the keyless lock.

Why Use a Keyless Lock?

Hauling a keychain full of keys everywhere you go can be a bother, to say the least. A keychain can become unwieldy very quickly as you load it up with the keys for the cars, the safe, the post office box and all those other places where security is necessary. Sometimes it becomes necessary to create duplicate keys to facilitate the entry of others into secure areas, but duplicate keys can be hard to keep track of. The traditional lock can also be relatively easy to pick or manipulate, making it less-than-ideal for high-security applications. A Las Vegas locksmith can help you determine the best type of lock for your situation.

Improve Security with a Keyless Lock

The keyless lock offers better security with the use of a pin code. Anyone who has the code can enter, so be sure to protect it once you’ve created it. Unlike the traditional lock, a keyless lock can be “changed” with a simple reset of the code. The equivalent of this step with the traditional lock requires re-keying, a job that cannot be performed by the average owner of a home or business. While resetting the code for a keyless lock can be accomplished minutes after you decide you want it done, re-keying a lock involves making an appointment and shelling out money.

Keyless locks don’t require any special doors or frames for successful installation. It’s a simple job to swap out the old lock and replace it with the new one. Keyless locks run by standard AA batteries or by mechanical means. No special electrical wiring is necessary with a keyless lock. Contact a trustworthy locksmith in Las Vegas for more information regarding the keyless lock.

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