When Should You Have Your Car Re-keyed?

car key replacement

Not a lot of people put into consideration having their vehicles re-keyed. Unfortunately, this could put you in a position to be victimized as copies could be floating around that you don’t know about. Whether it’s from the criminal element or acquaintances who purposely make copies when borrowing your car or truck, never assume that you have the only key. Luckily, locksmiths in Las Vegas can help you keep the car and yourself from being victimized by theft or other illegal access.

When Buying a Used Vehicle

When you buy a used vehicle from someone, you’re entrusting that the key you’re handed is the only one in existence. The truth is, the individual could have several sets available giving him or her access to the car or truck whenever he or she wants. Although you may not have to worry too much about such experiences from used dealerships, can you feel completely safe if the company didn’t bother re-keying the ignition?

If It’s Been Stolen in the Past

If your vehicle has been stolen in the past, the criminal element could have made an extra key. Even if the automobile was taken before you become in possession, it may still be a good idea to make sure that your key is the only one. Although this situation may not seem very likely, you should never assume that it will never happen.

If the Master Key Has Been Worn Down

Over the years, master keys can begin to wear down from over use. If this happens, making a new key that works properly may be next to impossible. If such an occurrence happens, a Las Vegas locksmith can help by restoring functionality to your vehicle by having the ignition re-keyed. It may be a good idea to have a spare made by afterward to use instead of the master key.

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