Convert Doors Into A Security Doors With a Security Strike Plate

Security Doors

8 Ways to Convert An Ordinary Door Into A Security Door 

Introduction- What Is A Security Door?

Any door can become a security door when you know the right steps. Basically, these doors are designed or adapted to prevent forced entry either using force or burglary tricks such as lock picking. There are many ways to turn ordinary doors into security doors for your own safety and that of the people and the property that you care about. Below are a few methods you can use to convert your doors into a security door.

Door Security Techniques

  1. Peep holes

One feature that makes security doors better than ordinary doors is the ability to see those who are outside without opening the door and without letting them in. This makes peep holes, door viewers and reinforced windows important components of security doors.

  1. High quality locks

A security door is truly only as effective as the locks it uses. Of these, deadbolt locks are considered the go-to lock design if security is your number one priority. High security lock designed to increase the security and lower the possibility that someone will break in.

  1. Pick-proof cylinders and barrels

In addition to the bolt strength and quality, the cylinder design is also important when considering locks for security doors. Pick resistant locks always the best option as you can rest assured that no one will be picking your way into your home and subsequently into you pockets.

  1. Detectors for motion and forced entry attempts

Motion detectors are part of home and business security. However, they can be just as effective when adapting doors to be security doors. This is the case especially when you have motion sensitive surveillance at the doorstep to keep you in the loop when there is unusual activity at your doorstep.

Tampering detectors on the other hand are designed to detect and alert relevant authorities when someone tries to gain entry by lock picking or applying force.

  1. Burglar proof strike plates

With these strike plates, even the weakest of doors when combined with the right lock can serve effectively as a security plates.

  1. Reinforcement using security bars

These come in handy especially when you have fragile doors such as those made of glass. The security bars ensure that as the glass door offers aesthetic value, security is not compromised on.

  1. Alarm systems

Another way to turn an ordinary door into a security door is by installing an alarm system. They might not hinder entry but they significantly increase chances of catching the criminals in the act.

  1. Additional locks installation

Finally, you can use extra internal locks to turn your ordinary front door, back door or even bedroom door into a fortress. Some of the most common of these include chain locks, sliding bolts and metal blocks.


4 thoughts on “Convert Doors Into A Security Doors With a Security Strike Plate

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  2. Claire says:

    I could never feel safe without a peep hole. I don’t understand how people can just open their doors at all hours of the day and night without knowing exactly who stands on the other side. It’s just not me and that’s why I like security doors that allow me to feel safe.

  3. Janet says:

    I agree with what you’ve said. I never had a door without a peep hole. Never. I’m lucky that my husband loves to secure things and he made our door almost impenetrable :). We have a peep hole, detectors for motion, we receive notification if someone tries to enter the home or doesn’t put in the right code, we have additional locks on the inside, etc. I never felt safer in a house and while I know everything can be broken, cut or destroyed, there are so many other security features besides what I’ve mentioned that it just makes me feel safe.

  4. David says:

    My opinion is that no door is secure enough no matter how much the seller says it is. You can always make it better by adding to what’s already there. Maybe an extra internal lock, adding an alarm system, detectors for motion and so on.

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