Staying Safe During a Las Vegas Vacation

Before setting out on vacation, families should be prepared for emergencies. Emergencies are significantly worse when a family is in a new city and unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Emergency Preparedness When Vacationing in Las Vegas

Vacationing is Las Vegas is a fun family experience with all of the attractions it boasts. However, anything could happen in Sin City, just like at home. Before leaving, emergency phone numbers should be listed for each family member and emergency plans need to be made. Thinking quickly during emergencies increases family safety.

Compiling a List of Emergency Numbers

Emergency numbers are important to have. Local police, fire department and hospital information should be copied for each family member. Addresses and phone numbers are equally important. There should also be phone numbers for the three closest family members or friends, especially those who might live near Las Vegas. This allows for an outside contact in case of emergency. For less serious situations, such as a local doctor for prescription refills or locksmiths in Las Vegas if the family is locked out of the car, these phone numbers will come in handy.

Fire and Escape Evacuation Plans

Natural disasters occur, whether they are due to fire, flooding, weather or earthquakes. If the family does not have a solid evacuation plan, family members could be split up and lost. As soon as the family arrives at the hotel, ensure that each member knows how to escape the building and is aware of the two main meet up areas in case of separation. There should be two locations, in case one is inaccessible or unsafe.

Action Plans

Each family member should be aware of what to do in scary situations. If a child is approached by a stranger, he or she needs to know exactly what to do to escape to safety. If a family member has allergies or asthma, it is also vital for each member to have a game plan should a reaction or attack happen if there is no hospital, phone or parent close by. Giving each family member important booklets and notes to carry everywhere they go is always a smart way to keep the family safe.

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