Key Card Entry Systems Keep Retail Employees Safe During the Holidays

During the holiday season, retail employees are at an increased risk of injuries and accidents on the job. Installation of a key card access system can help to improve the safety of employees and customers alike.

Three Ways Key Card Systems Enhance Retail Employee Safety

During the busy holiday season, businesses face an increase in shoplifting and other crimes. Store employees are also put at risk due to their access to the stores. With professional assistance from commercial locksmiths in Las Vegas, you can help keep your employees and business safe with the installation of a key card access system.

Crowd Management

Installation of a key card access system for a retail business allows managers and employees to have better control over the number of people in the store. In past years, the holiday rush of shoppers into a store at opening time has caused employees and customers alike to become injured. Allowing for limited access allows store staff to maintain better control over a crowd of shoppers.

Deters Thieves

An electronic key card access system helps to deter thieves who might try to gain access into a commercial business by picking locks. Thieves trying to gain access to a closed store could cause harm to employees locking up at night or arriving in the morning. Computer controlled key card systems limit who has access to the store. The system can also limit the times that any particular key card holder can get into the building. For example, managers could have 24-hour access while seasonal employees may only have access during their already scheduled shifts.

Building Safety

Key card entry systems can also help with building safety in the event of an emergency. If a crowd becomes unruly, employees can allow shoppers to leave the store through employee access only doors that have key card readers. These doors might otherwise sound an alarm if opened. Reputable Las Vegas commercial locksmiths can also install sensors onto doors that count the number of shoppers in the store so that employees can stop additional guests from entering once the store reaches capacity.

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