What You Can Do If Your Car Key Breaks Off in the Ignition

Although car keys are made of steel, they may break if exposed to extreme temperatures or stress. If the key breaks off while inside of your ignition, you will need to contact a locksmith to remove the pieces and make you a new key.

Reasons Why a Car Key Breaks While in the Ignition

Cars and trucks built within the past 10 years generally use a button to lock and unlock the doors and trunk. However, a key is still used in order to turn over the ignition so that you can drive the car. In some cases, your car key may break off while in the ignition. In order to keep on driving your car, you will need to contact a locksmith in Las Vegas to remove the broken key, rescue the embedded chip, and replace it into a new perfectly matched key. You may be able to prevent broken car keys by learning about the most common reasons why they break.

Locked Steering Wheel

Some cars and trucks are made with a feature such that the steering wheel locks into position when the vehicle is in park. If the steering wheel is locked, the ignition barrel will not turn when the key is placed inside of it. Forcing the key into the ignition when the wheel is locked may cause the key to snap off, with one piece left inside the ignition.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can damage the steel from which your car key is made. If you try to start your car when the key is very hot or cold, the steel may crack at its weakest point. This causes part of the car key to remain stuck within the ignition, while the other end is still attached to your key ring.

Damaged Ignition

Dirt and other debris can get into your ignition cylinder. When this happens, you can find professional locksmiths to clean out the cylinder with canned air or fine brushes. Once the cylinder is cleaned of debris, the key should fit in and turn the ignition.

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