What Is a Door Strike Plate?

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The strike plate is one of the most important components of a door knob and lock. It reinforces the door locking system and ensures safety. However, most homeowners still overlook it while maintaining or replacing the door lock

A failed door strike plate can prevent the lock from latching properly and make it easier for intruders to break in. Understanding the door strike and why it is important is essential for every home or business owner.

This detailed post will tell you what a door strike plate is, the common types of strike plates, and when you should get a strike plate replaced. 

What Is a Strike Plate?

Put simply, a door strike plate is a thick metal plate attached to a doorjamb. It has a hole or multiple holes to allow for the door’s bolt(s). The doorpost or the doorjamb is the vertical section of a doorframe that secures the door.

As you close the door, the bolts extend into the door plate’s holes and keeps it locked tight. The right strike plate helps strengthen the door, protecting it from kick-ins and other methods intruders or trespassers use to break in.

Not all plates are created equal, and the level of protection they offer differs. Below we have compiled the types of door strike plates to help you make an informed choice if you are considering a replacement.

Full-Lip Strike Plates 

These are the most commonly used metal strike plates you’ll find on most doors. They are further classified into square- or round-corner plates. 

Full-lip door strike plates are an excellent choice for full functionality and require minimal maintenance. Typically, these strike plates have a single hole so they can only be used with doors with a single bolt lock mechanism, such as interior doors. 

T-Strike Door Strikes  

These door plates are shaped like a T and becoming more popular for how seamlessly they fit on the door. The level of safety offered by T-strike plates and full-lip strike plates is almost the same. However, modern doors are being prepped to install T-strike plates.

Such door strikes fit well on slimmer doors, especially those made using engineered wood. They have a single hole for a bigger bolt to pass through and latch with the door. You can choose T-strike door plates for all interior doors. 

Extended-Lip Strike Plates 

Designed for wider doors, these strike plates are more robust and are suitable if you need better protection against kick-ins. The extended lip makes the strike plate compatible with doors that are thicker than the standard doors.

Deadbolt Strike Plates 

These strike plates are designed especially for doors with deadbolts. There is no lip because a deadbolt does not need one to latch effectively. The strike plates help the bolt lock in place as you close the door. It can also add an aesthetic element to the door since they are available in various color options.

However, installing a deadbolt strike plate might require some extra preparation and hardware.

Circular Strike Plates 

The circular design of these strike plates makes them more durable. Plus, circular strike plates don’t have pointed edges, making them perfect for homes with kids. The circular design makes these plates wider and can easily be installed on doors thicker than their standard counterparts.

How Does a Door Strike Work?

A door strike plate is attached to the door frame right above the holes that accommodate the deadbolt, master key system, or latching system. 

It serves as an anchor point, reinforcing the door frame by properly engaging the deadbolt or bolt of the master key systems. When you shut the door, the deadbolt or the latching system locks inside the strike plate, offering maximum safety against intruders.

While a door strike plate looks ordinary, it’s an essential component in terms of offering security and reinforcement to the door. Moreover, it improves the door’s aesthetics and enhances the locking mechanism’s durability.

What Doors in Your House Need a Strike Plate?

Using a strike plate is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your doors. So which doors should have one? Below are some doors in your house that need a strike plate.

The Entryway Door 

The entryway door is what most burglars will use to get inside the house. Therefore, you should secure this door with a strike plate. Always use a heavy-duty strike plate that’s compatible with a bigger deadbolt for added security. 

The Back Door

The door into your backyard also needs to be strengthened, and there’s nothing better than a durable strike plate. Usually, exit doors are not as thick as the front doors, so they can be secured using any type of door strike plate.

Other Doors 

You can use strike plates on other doors of your home to make the door latch properly with the frame. Besides offering security, strike plates also improve the durability and functionality of the locking mechanism.

When Should You Replace a Strike Plate? Some Tell-Tale Signs 

Usually, strike plates are extremely durable and can easily last for many years. However, there are some visible signs that strike plates will need to be replaced. Watch out for these signs to understand if you should change the strike plates:

You Want to Upgrade the Locking System 

If you want to upgrade the locking system, you’ll need to change the deadbolt or the latching system as well. A door strike plate replacement might be required depending on the size of the locking mechanism. Most locking systems come with a compatible strike plate. 

It Has Worn-Out

Every component of a door has a lifespan, and a strike plate is no exception. The strike plate experiences regular wear and tear on continuous usage, and you need to replace it after some time. Some signs of a worn-out plate are noticeable damages. Furthermore, the door will not latch properly with the frame if the strike plate wears out. 

It Is Rusting 

Door strike plates are made of metal so they are prone to rust. While rust can be removed when it’s in the initial stages, replacement is the only option for a badly rusted strike plate.

It Is Not Fitted Properly 

A door strike plate has two holes for screws to be reinforced with the door. Sometimes these holes wear out or get damaged if someone tries to force open the door. 

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Why Choose Professionals to Install Door Strike Plates?

Now that you understand the importance of door strike plates, you might be wondering if you should install one yourself or opt for a locksmith service. While installing the strike plates may look easy, it requires expertise. Here are some reasons why calling a professional Baltimore locksmith is essential.

They Tell You About the Compatible Strike Plate 

Every door has a varied thickness, and it affects the compatibility of the strike plate. If you are considering a strike plate replacement, you need to choose one that works well with the existing locking system or deadbolt.

Locksmiths install strike plates every day so that they can suggest a compatible plate. Moreover, locksmiths tell you about the durability of the strike plate and the level of safety you can expect.

They Install It Correctly

Installing a strike plate requires precision and skill. It should align properly with the bolt and should be installed securely on the door frame to offer maximum protection against break-ins. Professional locksmiths come equipped with tools and experience to perfectly install the door strike plate.

They Can Fix the Damaged Plates 

Besides installing new door strike plates, the technicians can also repair them when possible. As a result, they can save you time and money.

They Offer Services 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week 

Some professional locksmith companies in Baltimore, MD can do same-day service and emergency locksmith services for issues such as replacing a failed strike plate, which leaves your property vulnerable. No matter at what time of the day you need to get the strike plate replaced or installed, you can count on locksmiths to help. 

They Can Replace or Install Strike Plates on All Doors

If you own a restaurant, a hotel, or a commercial business changing the strike plates of all doors yourself may not look like a viable option. You can choose locksmiths that offer commercial services to get the strike plates installed and replaced for every door on your property.

Call S.E.L. Locksmith for Door Strike Plate Replacement and Installation 

Strike plates ensure safety and improve the functionality of the door’s locking system, so it is important that they need to be in good shape. At S.E.L. Locksmith, we can install, replace, and repair door strike plates, depending on your requirements. 

Our mobile locksmiths offer residential, commercial, vehicle, and emergency services in Baltimore, Maryland and Las Vegas, Nevada. They will come to your location, assess the door, and install a strike plate or lock system that gives you security. 

Whether you have a smart lock or a regular deadbolt system, we can install and replace all types of strike plates.

Contact us online today or call us at 443-987-3051 for all your strike plate, lock repair, lock change, lost keys, key replacement, and door lock-related needs, and our professional technicians will be there at the promised time to deliver the locksmith services you need. 

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