Why You Should Choose Your Local Locksmith Over a Dealership

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If you’ve ever visited a car dealership to get your car repaired, you’ll probably agree that their services are quite pricy and take forever. For certain car manufacturers, you must visit the dealership to get the engine and exterior body components fixed or replaced. But do you have to visit the dealer for lock or key-related issues?

Many car owners are skeptical of choosing a local locksmith over the dealership for any problems with their car keys. They don’t realize all the automotive locksmith services a local locksmith can perform. They most likely don’t know about all the other benefits of hiring local car locksmiths either.

Let’s explore the many services local automotive locksmiths offer. We’ll also discuss some irrefutable advantages of calling a local locksmith in Baltimore, like S.E.L Locksmith, over going into a car dealership.

What Situations Can Auto Locksmiths Help You With?

A local auto locksmith can help you with almost anything – be it a jammed ignition cylinder or a broken key stuck in the car door. You can count on locksmith technicians to help you with any car lock- or key-related problem.

Here are some situations where you can turn to a local automotive locksmith in Baltimore.

Car Key Replacement 

Whether you lose your car keys or the original transponder keys are damaged, you can contact local locksmiths for car key replacement services. 

Locksmiths offer specialized services to replace lost or damaged keys for automotive vehicles. These services typically include cutting new keys, programming transponder keys, and fixing remote keys that control the car alarm or trunk.

The key replacement process begins with a technician assessing the type of key needed for the specific make and model of your vehicle. The locksmith then proceeds to cut a new key if it requires a traditional car key. In the case of a transponder key, the technicians will program the key to match the vehicle’s immobilizer system, ensuring that the new key can open and start the vehicle.

Car Lockouts 

There is nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your car, especially when you are in a rush. In these situations, you should call local auto locksmiths in Baltimore to help so you don’t have to break any glass in order to get into your vehicle. These professionals know how to expertly handle car lockouts by making new car keys or by fixing the existing key.

An automotive locksmith with advanced car lockout services will be able to make a car key replacement for almost every vehicle make and model.

Key Programming 

Car key fobs are a modern convenience, but they come with some unique challenges. Sometimes the fob loses its programming sync with your car’s immobilizer due to battery issues, water damage, and other issues. When this happens, you won’t be able to use the key to open your car door.

Professional locksmiths offer transponder key services that include reprogramming the fob to connect with your vehicle. 

Fixing a Damaged Ignition Cylinder 

A damaged ignition cylinder is a big problem, especially if the broken key is still inside. If you go to the car dealership, you’ll most likely be advised to replace the ignition cylinder, which can be an expensive solution.

Local locksmith technicians can offer automotive locksmith services to remove the broken key part and repair the current cylinder, which minimizes the overall cost. Plus, you won’t need to tow your car to the dealership and wait weeks to get your car back on the road. 

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Unlocking Car Door and Trunk 

If you are unable to unlock your car’s door or trunk, this could be due to a variety of reasons, such as a broken lock or a damaged key. Weather might also be responsible for making the lock malfunction. 

Irrespective of the reason behind the issue, auto locksmiths can unlock your car’s door or trunk. 

These technicians have specialized tools and use practiced techniques to open a door or trunk without causing damage to the vehicle. This car locksmith service is typically performed on-site. The car locksmith can even make a new key for your car if you need one.

Repairing and Replacing Car Locks and Keys

Car keys and locks both wear down over time with usage. It’s natural to experience issues with unlocking or locking your car after a time. 

When you are having trouble with your car keys and locks, local auto locksmiths in Baltimore will come to your rescue by offering specialized services for repairing or replacing them. This can include services such as:

  • Repairing keys that have been bent or damaged.
  • Replacing lost car keys, including transponder keys, fobs, and smart keys.
  • Making spare car keys.
  • Fixing a malfunctioning lock that is not turning or is difficult to open.
  • Installing a car lock replacement for one beyond repair.

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Have you misplaced your keys? Are you unable to unlock your car due to a damaged key or broken car lock? Are you wondering, who are the best locksmiths for cars near me? Call S.E.L Locksmith at 443-987-3051! We are mobile locksmiths serving the Baltimore community that can come directly to your location to provide automotive locksmith services at affordable rates. 

Why You Should Call a Local Auto Locksmith

You can get the best service from a local locksmith. Below we have listed some of the top reasons an auto locksmith is better than a dealership for saving time and money.

  • Auto Locksmiths Come to Your Location 

If you have any issues with your vehicle, a car dealership will probably require you to bring your car in for service. Even if you simply lose your car key or need key duplication, the dealership may ask you to visit the service center.

Going into the dealership for every little thing doesn’t just cost you money, but it costs you time as well. First, waiting for the tow vehicle to arrive, and next waiting for the actual service. 

On the other hand, when you choose local auto locksmiths, you save both money and time. Many reliable locksmiths in Baltimore offer mobile services, which means the locksmiths come to wherever you need them.

No matter where you are in Baltimore, call S.E.L Locksmith. We’ll dispatch one of our professional technicians to your location for any type of car key-related services.

  • Locksmiths Respond Quickly 

If you have ever called a car dealership, you’ll agree that the response time is usually not good! While there can be many reasons behind the delay, ultimately, it means more time for you to wait for a solution. If you are in an emergency situation, this could be extra frustrating.

However, excellent auto locksmiths, like S.E.L Locksmith respond quickly because they have an emergency phone line so you can reach out to them around the clock. They will even respond to texts!

  • They Have Shorter Wait Times 

The frequent traffic congestion in Baltimore is enough to show that there are thousands of cars in the city. And more cars mean more people struggling with that old key or broken fob. If you contact a car dealership, you’ll often be assigned a number and have to wait at the back of a long line.

However, this isn’t the case with local auto locksmiths. These companies are dedicated to offering locksmith services so there are generally shorter wait times. As a result, you get the service you need quicker.

If you contact an emergency locksmith company, then you can even expect same-day services. 

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  • Local Auto Locksmiths Save You Money 

One of the biggest reasons auto locksmiths are the preferred choice of people in Baltimore is their cost-effectiveness. Locksmiths generally charge less for their services than dealerships. This is because dealerships often have higher overhead costs and charge more for parts and labor. 

A locksmith may also be more apt to provide a less expensive solution than a dealership. For example, they might suggest key reprogramming instead of buying a costly new fob.

  • There Are No Closed Hours 

Almost every car dealership has certain working hours. If you encounter any car key or lock issues during the off hours, you cannot call the dealership to get a solution. 

On the contrary, local auto locksmiths don’t have any specific working hours, and many companies can be reached 24/7, especially emergency locksmiths. 

No matter what time or day it is, if you need a locksmith to unlock your car or fix the ignition cylinder, you can call a local company and get help.

  • Locksmiths Arrive Fully Equipped

Sometimes, you won’t be able to explain the issue you are having over the phone. Luckily, local locksmith technicians travel with all the necessary tools and will arrive fully equipped for almost every possibility.

  • Auto Locksmiths Offer Service for Almost All Car Brands 

If you drive an Audi or a Mercedes, you’ll need to visit the brand’s car dealership in order to get any type of service. Imagine you’ve been locked out of your car far away from the brand car dealership and no towing vehicle is available nearby!

On the other hand, auto locksmiths are professionals and they offer services for almost every popular car brand, from Ford to Cadillac. Even if you own more than one vehicle, you can use the same local auto locksmith services for all your vehicles. 

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Call S.E.L Locksmith for the Best Locksmith Services in Baltimore!

Choosing a local auto locksmith over a car dealership is the most cost-effective and fastest solution. And when it comes to the best auto locksmith in Baltimore, S.E.L Locksmith is the preferred choice. 

We have a team of highly-qualified mobile locksmiths that can reach any location in Baltimore and the surrounding area. We cover a wide range of car makes and models – from Acura to Volvo.

Call or text us at 443-987-3051 or contact us online, and we’ll dispatch our best locksmith near you!

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